The Aura, You and others – Projecting energy from within

We all know the feeling when someone, who we don’t know, smiles, seems to be nice but we’d love to smash his face? 😀 Or when a stranger look into our eye and we become calm as never before? Sometimes others can bring us into such a feeling which have no explanation. Many things have …


Test – Which colors are yours?

In a community many nature could become into one. In one person there are many attribution which can be identify with colors. Which colors can be find in you? Which nature dominates in you? Perhaps bad? How to help on this? Maybe my small post and the short test can help you. 🙂 „In everyday …

Decalogue of happiness

1., Always look at the good side of things! 2., Search for the good in every bad! 3., Find yourself! 4., Learn everyday something new! 5., Learn how to love yourself! 6., Dare to live! 7., Know, that you are free! 8., Love! 9., Read a lot! 10., Be glad for life! by Emese Halász