Never. The word what we are using everyday but still we can’t understand its true meaning.

Because if we would understand the meaning of this and other similar words, like the everything, the present, then we would live in a beautiful world already.

But now, how many of us is living in present? We are worry about future, chew on the past, we are only just a few times in the present. Maybe, only when our dulling series are in tv, that time we are pulling our thoughts to the background for a half an hour. In order to fill up our mind with other stupid things after our work, payments, things to do, homework and our child.

Fatigue and exhaustion characterizing our everyday. We are running. But where? I think it is better if I won’t tell where we are running so much.

I have an offer! What about if once, only one time we would stop for a few minutes for asking ourselves, what would we do RIGHT NOW if we would know that we have only a few hour left from our life? If we would know, what right now we are not even suspecting, that life is only a stage. Anyone, anything can break this vacation with blood and flesh, in a moment. The moment of the future is always above us when we will realize that we CAN’T EVER hug our loved persons, NEVER again can visit our favorite coffee shop, NEVER we can hold the hand of our love, NEVER we can say: Mother, I love you.

EVERY moment we have to live like the NEVER word is hewed into our mind. So the minutes, days, weeks, the LIFE will be spent usefully. The never ending circle of passing should slow down sometimes, so you can spot the true LIFE! That one which lies behind the gray curtain. Behind the curtain which you „don’t have time” to pull away!

One of my friend sad that she was not able to read self-knowledge books or those who could make her life easier. She opened them, began to read, but they did not catch her attention and so she closed them. She said they are nonsense or she have no time and the other excuses. And after some slaps from life she realized that not time was what she did not had, but the courage to move ahead for herself. She did not realized the true energies behind NEVER and the LIFE words. She fled after each confrontation. This made me thinking.

Yes it is hard to understand the weight of NEVER. But it is not so difficult to understand, and do for a better life if we have enough courage, thereto, see the true face of life, ourselves and others.

I speak from experiences, the first time is shocking to face them. But also it is wonderful at the same time. Indescribable, uplifting feeling is to stop sometimes and experience, that the word is full with love. And for this it is worth to being brave. It worth to bear the weight of words like a sudden stone block on our heart.

Stop for a second and lose oneself in thoughts: what would be if you had a few hour left from your life? If you could never ever do some things? Did you did enough? Did you give all your best? Are you a good person? Did you loved enough?

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