Do it yourself: Creation with Mandala!

Jung thought that Mandalas have extraordinary powers because they are the symbols of the uniting of the psyche. So their main purpose is what we want to reach.
When I was a child I got bored very quickly with my toys. No matter what the world of puppets, colored pencils got my attention only for an hour. Except one… To let them go is normal as we get older. But for me, I kept one: the mandala. My mother was drawing them to the side of the booklet, next to the recipes as a relaxation. She showed them to us also. From where she get this I did not know, but we also started to draw them. In school, while I was learning, we were drawing the different mandalas. However, we did not call them mandala but patience game. This was not that kind of game which makes you angry till the end but the game with you can reach the total patience.

That time, there were not mandalas everywhere, they did not have names, meanings or with a different energy, you could not buy them in many shops and we did not know that these are the mandala. And we created them, in one way, with a purpose, like the Buddhist monks. Of course not with colored sand but with a pen and pencil. It was great fun. I still have the habit during some curse I start to draw something. Just because. It makes me calm, relaxed, fills me up with energy. And I can reach a relaxed status with it. I can solve some problems, or I just relax.

Everyone knows already that mandala word is an ancient Sanskrit word, it means circle. Every culture, religion has the circle as a symbol and it has a meaning. You can find it in architecture, mainly as the window of a temple, or as the interior dome. Or like a decorative element in needlework. You can find it everywhere in nature.
So from the wheels till our iris, we can find these circles full of energy in the big world or our home also in our garden, if we look at the flower of the rose.
Create a mandala! Attract anything, the money, health, love with it! J
The mandalas are the most useful when we made them by ourselves, and so we draw the positive wishes of our soul into them.

Nowadays you can buy colored, created with a direct purpose, meaning, power, energy mandalas. But if we want to use them for self-knowledge than let us create it like we decorate a cake or how we choose a book: what we like! As we like. Just draw it, don’t focus on what we are doing, just do it without thinking. You can make it at home on a scrap of paper, on a big paper with pens, colored pencils with caliper, liner or with freehanded. Of course on the internet, you also can find places to draw.

Structure: it has 3 parts. The middle is the origin, the center, the born. The outer circle is the closing, as the symbol of endless, a borderline that is defending the center and the information around it. The intermediate space is the radiance of the center. Just like our life. The middle is the born and the borderline is the death, between them there is life.

The symbolic meanings of the colors:
Yellow earth color is the color of the center.
Bright or gold color: The faith, the friendship, the good, the intuition, the intellectual color.
Orange: the selfless love and wisdom color.
Greenish-yellow: death, envy, lie.
In Buddhism, the yellow is the color of resignation and humility.
In Christianity religion: Yellow is the color of Glory, truth and darker yellow is the color of the traitor.
Orange: The balance of the spirit and desire. Calls out the senses and joy.
The color of love, health, and happiness. In the case of Buddhism monks, it is the color of god’s love, enlightenment.
Red is the color of blood and desire.
The fire, strength, love and passion’s color.
Purple: Wisdom and humanity, dignity, power (cloths of cardinals).
Pink: Color of love and healing.
Brown earth color is the mother, fecundity, instinct, humility. Stability, consciousness, the symbol of the physical world.
Grey is the color of sadness, tiredness, boring.
Grey is the opposite of colors so it means the ordinariness, neutrality.
Green is the opposite color.
Symbol of fecundity, reformation and also the immortality or death, the evil.
Can be mean youth, hope, trust, innocence, warm but can mean also changes, jealousy because this is in the middle of the color scale.
In Christianity faith: the color of immortality, resurrection, and hope.
Blue: Sky blue is masculine and the dark blue is a feminine color.
The endless, the untouchable.
The intelligent mind, philosophy, calmness and harmony color.
The expression of heaven’s power (opposite of red which is telling the desires).
Violet is the color of balance. Between earth and sky, mind and heart.
The marker of intelligence, devotion humility, repentance, pain, melancholy.
Black is the universe, chaos, darkness, endless, secrets, depth and also the reborn.
The death, devil or sin can be connected to this color.
Turn away from the world, from the life that is why this is the color of the cassock.
White is the symbol of the light, clean, blessing, peace, unity, joy and simpleness.
Symbolizes the spirits, ghosts so has a connection to death. In China, this is the color of grief.
Silver: Money, power, success, being well.
The cause of supernatural ability, emotional waves. Female color
Gold is the power of God, holiness, immortality, strength.
Has male characteristics.

The forms:
-Dot: unity
-Circle: endless, protection, spirituality
-Spiral: vortex, changes, power
-Square: earth, material world, stability
-If the square stands on the edge: lability
-Triangle: Male, creativity, creation
-Triangle stands on the edge: Female, changes
-Hexagon: Balance, warm, inner peace
-Pentacle: Perfectness, performance, power
-Line: motion
-Wave: Rhythmicity
-Tree: Life, existence, evolve
-Heart: Love, emotions
-Water: Material existence, spirit, purgation, subconscious
-Net: Problems, bondage
-Half Circle: Spiritual openness

These are here for making your mandala more conscious but analyzing our mandalas used for meditation should be done by experienced persons!
I wish you good luck and beautiful mandalas!

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