I’m selfless selfish

How this is possible? –can you ask my Dear Reader! The book of Osho mention this several times: Be selfish. The words of Mother Theresa are suggest the same, we should take care of ourselves: If each of us would only sweep our own doorstep, the whole World would be clean. The selfishness is from …


Small (?) pleasures

After long thinking I decided to collect in one page the things which can giving pleasure for others and for us. Then I realized that I can’t put the thoughts in others head. Somehow we should start and for this I give some ideas, and the rest should be figured out by you. How? Everyone …

Decalogue of happiness

1., Always look at the good side of things! 2., Search for the good in every bad! 3., Find yourself! 4., Learn everyday something new! 5., Learn how to love yourself! 6., Dare to live! 7., Know, that you are free! 8., Love! 9., Read a lot! 10., Be glad for life! by Emese Halász