I brought Light

I was thinking a lot about how to call that I’m working with. Lifestyle advisor? Advices I also do not accept all the time. Of course we all like to listen to them, but be honest…. Those who are sharing advices, they need them the most. Lifestyle advancer? How can I dare to tell unknown people what they should do in their life to evolving? My opinion is that everyone should evolve by their own. Showing a way is acceptable, but this name is like the same as above, but written by a different word.

I could not be a psychiatrist without a school. I’m a spiritual trash can, this can be a little bit insulting but I like to be a spiritual trash can if this is a recycle trash can! This is me. But the name „recycle trash can” is not a good name… 😀

Teacher, master? „Good priests learn till death.” I also noticed that we could be the masters of our life, but we can’t be in case of others. There is nobody who could be the master of others life. So this name also does not fit for me, no matter how many times others said this to me.

And after I could help for the umpteen person, without title, and they were said good bye on the same way, I realized. The word from their mount is my best appellation.

This lift is the flame of fire from it was reborn. The fire which gives light and warm.

The life of lightworkers is to help on others selflessly. This is what I’m doing. This is a true honest friend who shows the way. One bird, a phoenix who was in hell, she did there, but was reborn from the ashes. Now she is stronger than any time before. Nothing can destroy her. She has a quest. She has to help! Why? Because this is what keeps her alive.

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