Blessing Today

End up your habit to complain to your God about how big storm is around you! Rather tell to your storm how big God is standing behind you. Some weeks ago I decided to read all Coelho books what I can find in my country. I was curious because I see many quotes from him, but I did not read any book from him. But this is not the essence. Often in his book the blessing, farewell, love, greetings are showing up. From this I remembered for the power of gratitude. From that I remembered what I’m thinking about praying. I don’t love the word prey, I’m not religious but I believe that the gratitude, blessing, thinking with love is one kind of prey. So I decided to complement my morning and evening thanksgiving with a gratitude and blessing prey.

Thank to Everyone!

I’m thankful for the Readers because they can feel, live, get to know my writings and they come back.

I’m thankful for the people on my social pages who are supporting me, and why they are not letting me to give up even for a minute.

I’m thankful for my life, because the mentioned persons are the part of it and they giving happiness for me and I wish that all this love what I feel, will found them.

I wish from my heart that from my writings those who need will get strength to make them stronger and so they could pass this strength on.

Blessing should company those who are searching for happiness.

I’m thankful because I can feel the power of the world because of the feed becks and my friends.

I hope from my heart that those who are searching one day will find their power, will see their way, and they will be not afraid to step on it.

I’m thankful for my destiny, for its hardness otherwise I could not write these lines.

Let all the livings blessed who are loving someone and those also who don’t.

I’m thankful for the sincerity which was educated by the school of life, because it becomes proved that people want the clean and truth writings and not the marketing and fake smile.

I wish to everyone to understood their way is not managed by others, only by them self. There is no need to follow others, just to find our self.

Love should accompany everyone!

Thank you for being!


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