Where God is?!

Statistics shows that the 90% of humanity believes in God or some kind of greater power. At this point was when my faith was broken in statistics, to make a small joke J, I take the control and I started to search, because I experience the opposite of this.

I asked Google: Who believes in God? Seeing the results I take the consequences that the 90% is only 30%. I did not stopped at this point I did not give up, don’t just use the internet. Let’s look around in our surroundings. There the ratio is around 60%. I looked into a church and I understood, we can’t look the collective mankind but we have to sort them by age, because today’s generation is the hope of the future. The Y generation from who I did not see nobody in church. And I live in a city which has more temples than pubs! 😀 The situation is very sad at his generation. They better and sooner believe that they will be successful, rich and famous than to deal with questions about God and faith.

To be honest, this is not a question of faith. Those who are visiting the church they still have faith. From my childhood I remember, I have the impression from religious education that I should believe. I have to because the system wants, or this is the practice, or I don’t know.

I never believed in God. Mostly during of my terrible childhood. After that, through the many unlucky happenings, poverty and anguish I still not believed. And then when the man is stuck and he lives the worse then as for last hope, even if he never thought about it in his life, is to pray to God. Now, this is something like faith. My opinion is that this worth more than „I show myself in the church on every Sunday”. Here man starts to think about, what is happening: I never believed but now at my last despair I started to pray? In the worse situation I ask for help from someone who does not exists? How is this possible?

I read about a professor experiment which took 10 month. Randolph Byrd was researching the power of prey. 402 inpatient after heart attack where his crew. After random draw the patients were selected in two groups. 192 was in the test group and nobody knew who they are except the professor and the praying group. The praying group was from Catholic and Protestant members also all around the country, they lived in different places and they could not get in touch with each other and with the patients. Their task was to pray for the patient whom first name they get as for help. One patient had 5-7 prayer. With the same hospital services and continuous observation the result was the following: at the patient for whom they prayed five time less medicine was used, the pulmonary edema was third of the control group, and at the critic time neither of them had to put on breathing machine while in control group 12 persons was.

Not so much later I found the power of thoughts. The books „The Secret” and „The Magic” are showed me what the gratitude is and how to ask. For a long time I did not understood, but I’m a women who likes to know what she’s doing. 😀 I found scientific explanation. Well-well the science and the unseen world here and there are connected and they can do amazing things while walking hand in hand! 😀 Today we can photography the aura, some are searching the divine particle, figured out that our thoughts are going from one place to another by vibration, even Einstein was thinking about the connection of unseen world, universe and our real world. (Some native tribes still are using telepathy now days.  And so do I… :-D)

Now we just have to complete the puzzle. We don’t have to believe for „God’s help”. Science is not needed, and we don’t have to go into church also. And after so many bad things I finally understood. God is in us. Yes we have to understand, accept and know. Faith is not enough. If we ask, then we ask from our self. If we give gratitude it is addressed to the world, and it works like a mirror. If I’m thankful than I get gratitude from others. However if someone is thankful then he shares! No, no asking is necessary but to give. What? What is the key? I figured it out later. I asked and asked, I gave gratitude even for winning the lottery, which in my opinion I deserved after a few days of work, I was thankful for my new boyfriend who will be the big one, I asked for him, but nothing happened… I was disappointed in this „system”. I become unbalanced. I thought that this is a new wave thing and everyone will follow this until it will be slowly forget, because it will. Will be forgot like the earth is flat.

Than… it happened. I asked the most important: If I have to give something to the world and not asking, then what I can give for the world? Hm…

Selfless Love! I can have dreams, desires, I can be thankful before it happens, but the most important thing is, the key is that I can’t forget to love! The true love is which comes from heart. Not the gratitude neither the thoughts has the power of creating, these are just the surface. Beyond everything stands the heart… the love.

Like a big trees root. Love is watching in secret, silent, guarding our desires and communicate it for the world on the language of love, so make them become true.

No. I don’t believe. I know that a bigger power exists, no matter how we call. I think discovering this is the key of life. A happy life.

Who „don’t believes” in God will figure this out sooner or later. Maybe not in this life, maybe he is not ready for this knowledge. But also it is possible that only years, weeks, days are left until he can experience this, what I and those who are like me discovered.

I never believed and today I still don’t believe. Today I know: The happiness, love, God is in us! This should be recognized and the life becomes happy and beautiful. Suddenly I understood that I got everything.

Now I just have to learn how to use all these things what I get! 😀


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