Time wheel

„I don’t have time!” This is the greatest problem and excuse of today’s world in the same time.

It is true that we have more bounds than like 50 years ago and we really like to refer to this… and to the accelerated world, to bad situations what threatens their everyday life on State because they are not in upper class. We are living our everyday in bounds of the monotonous work and fear. We feel our self in a rat race. In a race where in every minute is spent with the same energy drainer monster, and we lose hearted because we lost every minutes forever, are just looking in front of us on every evening and wait for the next day to start it again. How we could be able to do something positive with this degraded mental energy?! 3×1 workouts per week, outing whit children on weekdays, reading books… We are not even dreaming about these.

But this is possible. But when they say to make some free time for this and that, on one side they never say who and on other side –in my opinion- the solving of problems are not happening at the roots.

Circulation… are we choosing the bad because we know it? We haven’t met to good yet. If we know the bad than we have courage for the good also. Only the routine keep us at the bad. Have courage to step out from this cage, what we built for ourselves. Because… lucky is at the braves! We have courage to say no. Than have courage to say yes also, because the harmony of no’s and excuses is the disappointment!

First of all we have to investigate how our one day looks like. What we live on emotional level? What for we are worry? The worry, fears –I know them- are negative. And negative things are dragging us down, they took the energy. So our first step is to look for the things why we are tired, who can be our life easier. It would be good not to worry, fear… We have to do for this. Let us try to abstract ourselves from the thoughts of if I where millionaire it could be easier. This is not so sure… If we spend time to feed this feelings above those negative things than it will bring more stress which is even higher energy loss for us.

Don’t feed your problems! Don’t look for the place where you can press something more but look for what makes you happier!

Step by step measure the situation and analyze one problem at the time. I’m for example, thinking for long time, how to stop smoking on the way where I will not miss it. I found a solution. E-cigarette. I will not bring more tar in my body although nicotine is still not healthy but this is better. The goat is not hungry and the cabbage is still left. I got more energy, the 15 minutes in the morning, what I spent with rolling Cigarette got free, less sleep is enough and I’m not tired, so the extra free time in the morning I spend with workouts and in the evening with reading! One problem solved and I got free time as a gift. I could think about how to organize my life so I can get more from it. I got another story: Walking with my dog takes many time. My neighbor little girl loves my puppy. She get some money for the evening walking. They are running, playing the dog like is so much and the girl also has some profit (Of course I’m not let anyone to take care of my dog!). I got more free time sometimes a week.

There are some who start to say YES for the things for what he „have no time”. I can continue my list for the evening about what helped me out from this rat race, and from a different point of view focusing on solving the problems, they showed me a brand new life. Oh, don’t mystify ourselves, this is not cloudless, carefree because we have to face with new problems, trials but this time we are sitting on a cloud instead of sitting in a deep hole. How easier is to face with everything! The importance is to help on our self and if possible than on others also. With finding our happiness every day will be easier and we wake up day by day with smile on our face. Trust me, you will have time for everything…

One of Osho’s quotes fits here: „Life repeats itself mindlessly –unless you become mindful, it will go on repeating like a wheel.” This is why Buddhists calling this for the wheel of life and death – wheel of time. It is rolling like a wheel: Death follows birth, birth follows death; Hate follows love and love follows hate; success comes after fail and then success comes again… Just watch it!

Is it enough to check this for a few days and you can notice this system; the operation of this wheel. One day you will wake up for a great day, you feel yourself happy, joyful – than on another day you are blunt, depressed, you think about how to kill yourself. But one day before you were full with life, happiness and you was thankful for God for this beautiful feeling. And now you are crying and you don’t see the meaning of living any longer… And this goes again and again without noticing this schema.

When you can realize this schema you can step out from it.


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