Man and animal

Ever since the world is the world we had a connection with animals. Tighter connection than we think. We were hunting them, they mean food, life for us. They become companion, true friends. They were helping and healer living beings. Totems who has so such a real meaning which give them sometimes the power of God. They are the actors of myths and they try to make us for a better person trough tales even today. And we forget their meaning and we can meet them at food or pet keywords…

My brother was a performer at the Skansen not far from here, at the gates he noticed as a little boy was talking to his dad: -Hay Dad, look who big this cow is! I don’t thought that they are so big! –Than his father answered with a little thinking: -Wow, really. How long since I saw a cow.

Cats and dogs. Are we standing from this two only? Where is our connection with animals? A comfortable pet and the Zoo sometimes? I do not doubt it, moreover I know: Pets can give countless love for us day by day but there is a world outside them… We can, we could learn many from the animal world!

There are animals who can heal, there are some who are choosing a partner for a life like penguins. There are some who are strong, persistent, use full like horses or bees. Playful like the dogs. We are watching them but we don’t see their true essence. We go for hiking, follow the sings of the Nature trial, travel to cities for attractions but we have to look the animal of the world deeper they are not just wonderful but they can give happiness for us also.

When I read the book of Marlo Morgan I got the following thoughts. The natives of Australia have different opinions from us „civilized” people. They understand and see many things what we don’t even notice. Animals are like this. However they kill them for food, they also feel a great respect for them.

Here is a wise quote from that book from the Righteous people, for make you thinking:

„The most important thing what we can learn from a kangaroo that they never take a step backward. He cannot do it. He always go forward, even if he walks in circle. His strong tail like a bole can hold the weight of his whole body. Kangaroo is the symbol of many because they feel kinship with them and because they realized: how important is for man to create the balance of his personality.

The righteous people whoever they can’t go to the oceans, they still hold the dolphins in big esteem. Dolphins where the first animals who, with they could converse and this means the happy and free life. From this playful animals they learned that there is no rivalry, there is no winner or loser just the fun for everyone.

Spiders are warning you not to be voracious. Their example also shows that the necessary equipment could be not just good but artistic also. They also warning us that we can be conceited easily.

We can learn from snakes who often molt his skin. Man cannot evolve so much if he believes at age thirty-two the same as seven. We have to move beyond on old notions, habits, opinion and sometimes even friends also. Man can learn hardly how to leave things. The snake molt his skin because this is necessary. New things can’t fit in a place which is small. Who can leave his old clothes looks young and feels young although he is not young. Righteous people don’t feel that the counting of a person’s years is important.”

Pay more attention for animals because we can learn a lot from them, and especially from ourselves trough them!


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