Roads and foolishness

It’s summer. Warm wind blows. You walk out to the nearest park and there you open your arms, rise your head for the sun. You close your eyes. You are listening the birds, you feel the wind, the warm of sun on your face…
Will you do this? How many people will see you foolish? Now I got you! This picture was warming your heart, you almost lost in this feeling because you want this! You think about it, almost live it and then the „what is if someone see me?” felling turn’s up in you… The fear!!!
Well, maybe this is written by many. They give you the advice, don’t worry about others, what they think about you, just do it… Now let’s see how many of us made this alone? Who is who give himself to a feeling right in the middle of the street? 😀 Not many… 😀 Now let’s see my favorite part: Many who are very smart are throwing us the advices „what to do”. But how? They don’t tell… Be yourself! How? Love! How? Always be honest! How? Be free! How?! Easy to give advices but like these is very hard the take them. Of course it is impossible to write the „how” part with fitting to everyone’s need.
But we can give a try even for this. Giving tips and so others can use them. Giving a little help, impetus from what they could build. To untie the fibers. There are so many ways to tell the million version of HOW. But does it is necessary? Is it not better if we can figure out the solution? Do we have to show the way?
On one side yes. There are many who can process hardly the received information (bad information) about their way and however they want but they can’t move ahead. On other hand this is not necessary because we have to understand what and why is happening with us. We have to stand up alone, so we can understand. If I help for a handicapped person, who can’t walk, to get from point A to B with his wheelchair, so he never will know what walking feels. I know this was a rough example but the gist is that we have to do it alone. My mom always told me that and I never accepted this, but now I know. You born alone, live alone, die alone. This is very truth. You have helpers, escorts, everyone who you met in your life have effects on your life. And so you do. But you walk alone. You live your life!
I think yes it is possible to feel freely the sunshine, the wind with open arms and closed eyes in the middle of Budapest. But not alone… Until people get used to the fact that are people who take their free will wherever they want, some years have to will pass… 🙂 If we are do something not alone, we are braver. Others will not think that we are stupid if we are not alone, so many person can’t be fool, so they will envy us. Although for now the situation is very sad here. Without collaboration with always querulous persons is very difficult to create something together. I meet on internet with a famous person’s post on social network, which made me nervous: A team from foreign students where drumming with cups in a classroom, and someone sang. They created together a so big happiness cloud which accompanied them for a long time. However they were bored at the beginning.
The group therapy has its advantage like this example shows. At us drumming with cups has not a big culture… So our men was commented this video that how great could be if we can make something like that in here also! I was so amazed, my eyes almost fall out! Can he just speak about love? He is famous enough, who other can create something like this if not he? What is it COULD BE… What is it BUT IT WOULD BE GOOD… Many are followed this comment and they are confirming it with their own sorry. Then I wrote: „Why we can’t make it? Why everyone talks like this is an already dead idea? Why we don’t make? What is needed for this? One school, students, cups and one singer.” Nobody was agree with me, not one comment arrived… This is sad but also encouraging at the same way. I’m working currently on to make as many people as possible to start DOING for their own happiness. If we were be enough than nothing will be impossible! 🙂 I was never interested about what others think of me. I am who I am, I’m changing and evolving because there is so many beautiful thing in this world and so many happiness… and so many person don’t know this… I hope dear reader you are not one of this group. Be in the first group like me… working on to wake up more and more people for this beautiful world. To see its meaning and to explorer our self. There is more in this word than our eyes can see or our hand can feel. But we can’t experience this by listening the tales of others or reading books about it. We should live in this…
I wish that someone, who has the necessary connections, will start to organize same happiness clouds like what I saw. Organize something like this cup song and we could not just read about it or watch it on TV but we could be a part of this wonder!


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