Small (?) pleasures

After long thinking I decided to collect in one page the things which can giving pleasure for others and for us. Then I realized that I can’t put the thoughts in others head. Somehow we should start and for this I give some ideas, and the rest should be figured out by you. How? Everyone open your eyes. Dig deeper. In yourself, in the world, in the street where you live, in your house, in your pet… I can continue this list… The happiness, the beauty is around us there is at least one drop of it. I think we are sometimes blinded for this…

And why the „giving”? The religions, laws, rules, upbringing, examples in front of us all of these planted in us many kind of things like fear, follow the rules, close the gates and so we set up limits for our self. To behave in this world like it is EXPECTED! But what is with freedom?

We are human. We are instinctive beings. Body’s, wishes, individual thoughts we are. We are souls with individual experiences, constant thirst for develop. These are we if we are not blinded with the many influential factors… And a natural man can experience, see so many joy in one „grey” weekday which could not even list up.


Clean air which flows through all our cells. Refreshing, cleaning.

Rain, Sunshine, Rainbow. The power, beauty, wonders of the waterfalls, rivers, oceans. One glass of cold water on a hot summer afternoon.

The dust of the road, the ground where we plant the seed, the ground where our body will lay and from where we get strength.

The fire’s dancing flame, it’s hot in cold, baking food.


Spring-water, meat, fruits, vegetables, seeds


Green at summer, yellow leafs at autumn, snowflakes on the edge of pine needle, flower petal in the wind

The whir of the tress, sounds carried by the wind, the loose tuft which will be combed back behind your ear by your love

The leaf which was bring on your shoulder by the wind

Family and others:

Your mother raised you. Good or bad, never forget, you chose your way. You chose your parents. Based on your karma. You can speak about good upbringing, be any kind, if YOU learned from it!

Your siblings took care of you, and so YOU did also. You should think of them with love, no matter how is your current relationship.

Your grandparents love stays always in your heart and the taste of grandma’s cake stays always in your mouth.

Your parents are not stay with you forever. Your children neither. Respect them by letting them away.

The true friends, who are maybe far away, you know you can count on them. They are in your heart, in your past and future.

Every buddy, dude who appeared in your life. Who hurt you was teaching you. Who loved you leaved a sweet memory.


The love of our pet which cause joy for the whole family or make a good company in loneliness.

The inhabitants of the forest, from the squirrel until the deer, the livings in the see from the small colorful fish until the whales, the penguins ont he frozen land, snakes in the jungle, birds of the sky they are all the pieces of one big bunch of grapes, in which we can dive into no matter where we live, wonderingly.

Animals are provide joy and viands. We have the need for them just like opposite. They deserve the attention with full of humility.

The one hundred years old tree is as beautiful like the one planted today. They are different only in the knowledge. Their leaf are cleaning the very important air. Habitats, food creators or defenders who giving shadow. They are amazing when they are in blossoms or they create the dance of shadows for the joy of our eyes.

The color, smell, of millions flower are so beauty. A tool for love, decoration, incite for creativity. The flowers make nature beautiful, refresher. They are conquering with the simple and the most difficult patterns. They are amazing little creatures. If we saw one or we smell them than they can bring some old memory on surface and so they make us smile.


The colleague who welcomes us with a smile.

The shopkeeper who helps to find something what we searched.

The unknown men, women who smiles on us at pedestrian crossing.

One word from anyone: „Thank you!”

The sunset, which is the ray of hope on a cloudy afternoon.

A task which seems to be difficult, but you solved in no time.

Birds singing at dawn.

Meet an old friend.

…and I can continue the list. There are many good things in every day. Maybe we forget to look on them. We do not appreciate these small things as much as they deserve. But if we can look on the world with different eyes maybe miracles can happen also. Of course this is my opinion, thoughts collected from my muses of the world. If this creates a tiny thought than this worth it to share with you! 🙂 Maybe you will see the world different on the way homeward.


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