The Aura, You and others – Projecting energy from within

We all know the feeling when someone, who we don’t know, smiles, seems to be nice but we’d love to smash his face? 😀 Or when a stranger look into our eye and we become calm as never before?

Sometimes others can bring us into such a feeling which have no explanation. Many things have no explanation. These are called spiritual or metaphysical by others. If we are investigating these feelings, senses, their connection in the very depth then yes. We can walk towards the spirituality and we can turn away from this, our current, world for a little. We can find the answers many times here. The inexplicable one becomes explainable.

Right now I would like to speak about the human relationships from this unseen world’s point of view.

I have a colleague. He is so nice, so kind-hearted that I can’t say. Still I have all the problems if I have to stay next to him. I got an uncomfortable feeling like I want to escape from him. But this would be too conspicuous and he did not deserved this, so I stay. From this I got the feeling I’m bounded and I’m tortured. Horrible. If he is nice to me I want to run away. If he writes an e-mail I’m scared. He is a complicated person, but he is a good men. I do not understand why I got these feelings then. It’s simple. He’s radiation. When we say for a not so beautiful women that she is sexy! Because her radiation is sexy. Like she was born next to a nuclear power plant! 😀 Radiation… this is the point! But what is that? Even those who are keeping themselves away from spirituality those are using these word.

The aura is the second body of the human. This is what others can feel. Some are more sensitive like me, and some are cannot “receive the broadcast”. The point is if someone does not feel well himself, his life is not in good shape, has many things to do, has many problems, does not love himself creating the feelings of fear, exhausted, apathy which are appearing in his aura. And so the person who is passing by on the street has effects on us. And so we do! The size of the aura can very big and so we can feel even if someone in front of us smiles that something is wrong. We feel bad no matter that he is kind. We would like to run away because he’s inner feelings are dragging us down or at least our energy. Of course this is not intended at most of the time. This is why we got these feelings.

Animals are better receiver for this vibration. So I’m surprised that my friendly, quiet dog why is barking on someone, who seems to be nice at first. They can feel the bad will in no time. 🙂

But how can this be helped? I mean, how not to feel. How no let others to steal our energy… Well there are many method for this. We build up a defense around us from which the other person effect are bouncing off. This seems to be a good way, but I don’t use it because I think that the good feelings are also filtered out with this shield. I use other method. The help. The giving help. What does it mean? Helping does not means that we are listening for his complaint and humiliates humanity till ground and meantime he steals our energy. I mean that we try to lead him on a good way. As for me, I ask from him what is the good thing in the many bad things which happening with him. What could be the reason? Make him start to thinking, using his hearth instead of complaint. Complaint is just dragging him deeper. If he start to look out from the pit, looks for solutions, try to understand why these are happening with him than he is on good way already. So I’m helping with not letting him to drop on me the negative, instead I’m giving. What is what I give? The hope. A little light to the bottom of the hole. With this we can get free from the negative energy’s what we felt before. Should be tried…

The most important is what we give, what our aura radiates. It is worthwhile to deal with ourselves first. Resting, organizing our life, solving the problems. Because others can feel, however we are smile that inside we are collapsed. Many are complaining about have no friends, they dont call them, nobody loves them, etc. Well, I can say what I always say: Only he is responsible for that! Everyone can blame others. There is nobody who is perfect. If everyone is deals with himself… we all know that. You should deal with yourself at first. Notice the sunshine, enjoy the rain in summer, love yourself, act and believe, the sun will smile back, and the rain will wash your sadness, and there will be friends who will love you. If you are okay, then your surroundings will search your company. Yes, even those who will drag down your energy. But, you will be prepared, and you know how to defend it. And so you can help the world! You can do for others, give something. Having effect, even good effect on others life. Believe me, there is no bigger joyful thing in life!


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