Test – Which colors are yours?

In a community many nature could become into one. In one person there are many attribution which can be identify with colors. Which colors can be find in you? Which nature dominates in you? Perhaps bad? How to help on this? Maybe my small post and the short test can help you. 🙂

„In everyday language white is the mixture of every color, other words if all the light from the spectrum zone what our eye can see coming from the same place in one time. But the two complementary colors (e.g. blue and yellow) or the three basic color (red, green, blue) can make white color if they are mixed. White is always a color of mixture. Features: Clean, health, peace, innocence.”

All of us are the part of the white, the light. From the theft, shopkeeper until the teacher. There is a need for good and bad people also. This is make the whole to complete. Until everyone learn that how we can be reach a higher level of feelings until that bad should exists. Everyone is good for something, if not else than for deterrent example. On that level of emotional, intellectual and secular world where we are right now, this is needed. Black and colorful and white globules. For the white, cleaning color which is these many colors that is done by us together. Is it enough if we look inside of our self. There are many colors there also. From the sad, mysterious black, through the optimistic, kindly yellow, and the many other colors in other words natures are in us. The many self-knowledge tests which say that one scheme is for one person are not completely valid. I don’t say that mine is completely correct. But as we are varied inside than it could be interesting also that how many natures we have and how can we develop them.

Are you interested that which colors are yours and how to develop them?

There are only a few questions.

Answer them based on your last one year! The last year gives your current personality, which was before this is only history. We all are evolving continuously. 🙂

There will be colors next to the answers of each question.

If you are printed out this test, than just draw a circle around the correct color.

If you are making this test on a computer than list up the colors, and put a line next to the color which is at your answer. If you have more answer for one question than use the mark at each color.


At the end count that how many line you draw for each color. Other words, from what color and how many you collected.


From these colors your personality stands. The rate is based on the number of each color you choose with your answers. E.g. if you collected 6 from the yellow and 4 from the green than the yellow color dominates in you. And at least check which and how good specified on you and listen for the advices. 🙂


And here I want to say thanks for my friends who are helped to create this tests with their test completing. I love you and thank you for everything!!! 🙂

I hope you liked it and many thing fits for you! Accept the advices, from this never was a trouble! 😀


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