A poor man is pulled even by the branch of a tree

In the past few days I got the feeling that the world is conspired against me. I had such a calm life, everything succeeded, moved forward, and suddenly like a bolt from the blue, and now I’m just looking around, what happened???! On the 2nd floor was a burglary at a small family, I had to disable my bank card because of a misunderstand, my boiler is undone, I can’t pay my rent because of disabled credit card, I burned my favorite clothes and the list is not yet complete… All of these in a few day. If this happens in two month than it is not a big deal, but at the same time??? NAY… 😀

And when the umpteen bad thing happened, I started to laugh. Due to my suffering or the deepest despair I understood, but I don’t know why or how. But fact is that I understood. This is a trial! If I lose my calmness than how I would react? Now I’m well unbalanced! 😀 After I realized this I started to think over the tasks and how could I solve them in short time. From burglary I’m defended by my dog, no problem. She is very loud if she feel some bad purpose. My credit card will arrive in 10 days and until that my cash is enough. I had harder times earlier. 😀 My landlord is sympathizer, very kind person and he will wait till my credit card arrives. From my top could be used as a sleeping clothes, and so on, and so on… 😀 It could be really stressful if so many problems find us at the same time. But at the moment when I realized that these are just a trials, and I could get free from the circle of complain with looking for solutions, suddenly the clouds where vanished and almost everything is solved by itself. Unfortunately many are not realizing, or they not admit this for them self, that something must be done. Take one step forward. They stay in complain circle and they are propel and propel it. If next time they face with another problem than it will be the cherry on the top of the cake. These people I called collectors. They are collecting the problems, bad things because they are not doing anything for solving the problems. They rather sit on the bomb of regret, despair. This is when they say that a poor man is pulled even by the branch of a tree. They are pulled, right. If they are poor than they see no other way. I don’t say that it is easy to find the exit from the labyrinth of the problems, but it exists. There is a way which leads out. Many times there is not only one exit. We should notice two things: The recognition and the will to act. Until one of these is missing until that there is only the excuses. Excuses are coming of course but I’ve talked with enough homeless people to know that if somebody don’t want to do than it will never better.


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