10+1 tip how to help without money

Do you want to help on others but sometimes you feel that you are in need for money? Here are the solutions! Many are thinking that money is needed to help on others. Well, this is not true! You can give a huge support without spending one cent or it cost too much of time!

1., Gifting

Surely you have things, clothes, jewel which you aren’t using, wearing. They are just getting dusty on the top of cupboard, or taking the space in the bottom of wardrobe, maybe they are banished to the basement. Look around in your home. Be ruthless with yourself, think trough if you have not used it in a last few years than collect them in one place.  I know this is hard because we got some stuff from our previous love or from our mother maybe from our best friend however you don’t like it because it is ugly, small, too grey… we all know what I’m saying. 🙂 Only memories are connected to them. We have to know that memories are in our head and not in things. Others are maybe looking for these stuffs right now. Donate them. You can free up some space and you can give others, friends, family member joy with the gift! Their happiness makes you become richer with the experiences. The stuffs which gathered dust until now are converted to joy by you. 🙂 Of course you can sell these things and so you earn some money. If you can’t sell them there are birthdays, Christmas when you can give these things as present and you don’t have to spend money for buying things.

2., Doing Sports

Ney, I’m not thinking on Olympiad, only just for a run at evening, some exercise at home, yoga, aerobics what you are doing already. But! Many of us who are working alone without pulling power we can convince our self that today, only today we will skip the exercise. Tomorrow I have many things to do, I can skip one day. It begins like this always, right? After this slowly the sporting activity where left. But how this is connected to this? If you can convince somebody, than you are already two. Two persons give up hardly because together sporting is better, you can goad each other. And so the exercise will be not be forget slowly. You will not help on yourself but on somebody else also. If someone will not help, and you my dear reader are here in my post because you want to help, can do many things for help. And you know this. When I call someone for running, than I call someone who needs a little push for losing weight or become more sporty. That little help. And the thing that I can help gives me so much strength what will push me forward and so the other person also, and we will not give up. If we are many than our work is harder!

3., Reading

Reading is a wonderful thing. Men feels him selves in another world, it is a really relaxing, magical relaxation. One of the banks in my country is organizes readings for children in hospitals. Nothing much is needed for this, just looking for a hospital nearby and when you think you go there and read for the sick children. It is wonderful to see how happy they can be. Love has the power of healing, we all know that. And reading a tale is full with love. It did not cost anything but the children are grateful for that! I signed for this action but in our hospital there are no child class… This is not a problem! There are other institutions where I can make a try. You can read for injured children or for elders. One of my friends is teaching elders for using PC and internet. When he is nearby he goes in to spend an hour for teaching. Everyone has this amount of time for helping on others once a week.

4., Selfless helping

When I hear or see someone who makes a real selfless help are my favourite. Those are the followings: A hairdresser decided that he will spare his weekend above weekdays for his profession. Just a little bit different: He is cutting the hair of strangers on the nearby square. For those who don’t have money for a haircut. Of course he makes it free. In case if the gratitude of a stranger means nothing… 😀 We can continue our list with doctors nurses who are helping on persons got in trouble. The youngsters who are help to bring home the package of the elder. The donors, benefactors. As for me, I choose one person from my friends in every month for whom I give some small surprise. Last time the little neighbour girl got a perfume with candy-floss aroma. They don’t have the money to buy it but I can let myself this 500-1000 Hungarian Forint cost to see a little girl’s glorious smile!

  1. We cannot help only on peoples –Animals, nature.

The animal shelters are full. The streets are dirty and trashy. This could be helped also. Let’s adopt an animal. An adult blend type dog could be also very cute, not spoken about that the dogs who get out from animal shelter are more thankful for their new owner. More thankful than a true pure-bred type puppy. My friend and his girlfriend have a hobby. They took out one-two dogs out from the shelter they wash them, teach them, feed them for a few months and then they gift them. I think this is a wonderful thing what they are doing. They don’t earn money with this they make it from heart. How good it could be if more would take care of animals.

Nobody is arguing with the beauty of nature, but to notice is very difficult if we are in concrete jungle in knee-high trash. This is a question of will. In every 2nd evening I collected the dirty around my flat in gloves. (For today it is maximum 2 pieces of chocolate paper.) If my surroundings see this than they will watch for the streets, parks more carefully. Sometimes I broom the sidewalks. Yesterday I saw as a neighbour is load up a hole on the street. He was a little bit nervous because he should make it however many person use that street, but he made it. Not a big deal to spend 10 minutes on a week to see some nice thing when we step out to the street.

  1. Surplus –The secret benefactor

Many surplus can stacking up in the household from food, clothes even from furniture also. If we have food which are unnecessary for us, which will just going sour, than give it to a homeless person. For example I do not eat too much bread, so small bread which is enough for a single women, did not exists. And when I buy one maybe I can eat the half of it. The other half is going to sour or dry. This kind of kitchen remains always exists. I put them into a nylon bag or the cooked food into a fast food box and I hang them next to the trash can. (of course I clean them first). In the early morning they will be gone, someone took them. I did not waste them, and someone got something to eat. I never liked the wasting, and if we think trough there are always some kind of things what we are not using even in the poorest family. These even if they are worn hanging out in a bag next to the trash can be welcomed from those who can’t get clothes of food.

  1. Creating workplace

I’m working in a big factory and I can speak easy if I say to someone that I can get a job for him. Sometime it is just a matter of time. Obviously this is not so simple for everyone if they want a job or a job for other person. We can think in big with a good workplace, fix worktime etc., in this case we should know the fact that those who are looking for job don’t know where to look for it. Maybe they don’t have internet, acquaintance to look workplace farther from their living place. We can help for them if we have internet, friends and of course helping will. 🙂

  1. I just go to the store

Everyone has people in their surrounding who need help. Living with disability, single moms, elders. If you got to the store just go over and ask them that they need something from the store. This is not a big deal for you but can be great support for them.

  1. Sometime we need help

However I can do many things for myself but at the end I’m still a woman. I can bring a fridge to the 3rd floor… But we should not think only on physical plane, sometimes we are alone, we had a bad day, or we have to solve a big problem. Many are worry to ask for help. This can be psychic or physical, self-pity or pride why we don’t ask it. This behaviour can be destructive. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Not from the dad in the neighbour to help of fridge carry, not from the psychologist to help to solve the blocks in our self. We should be the first for our self sometimes. How can we wait others, to accept our helping hand, if we feel that we don’t need helping hand. We are social creatures so don’t be afraid to ask help for our self. Only the first step is difficult… 🙂

  1. Gratitude

Gratitude is the one of most beautiful way to make joy for others. This is a help also. My landowner possibly had better things to do instead of repairing my sinker at 9 o’clock in evening. But I’m grateful for that. And so next time when we met, I gave some handmade cookie with the monthly payment. I was bake anyway and this was only a little piece from the cookie for him, in the name of my gratitude. I made his day I’m sure of it, and no matter when something will go wrong he will came happily because he know that I appreciate it. In today’s world words are very important just like attention, care, gratitude, love, kindness also. People are hungry for it, no wonder in this running word. Enough if we think on the shopkeeper who is making the 3rd long shift in the week. If a buyer is nice, kind can make his day even more if we are turning for him with understanding.

+1 Which really don’t cost into anything…

The love, more attention for our family, friends, colleagues not only on Christmas time but on every day in the year! In today’s world we need love, fellow creatures, friend, family and attention like a bite of bread. Don’t forget this, my dear Reader when the women at the cash register, is slow and she is angry. It is possible that this is her 5th workday on the week with 10 hours long shifts. Maybe she is also tired. A little attention, kindness can give such a strength to her work that she will become faster, stronger, calmer because she know that someone understands her! 🙂

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