Do what you want!

Human body is full with instincts. Hungry, thirsty, want’s some sex, need to rest etc. The body is intelligent. Knows exactly what and when he needs. These signs are the hormones, the result of its operation, the intelligent instincts rind. Enough if we check a pregnant mother: She is full with wishes. Her body is creating another body, is in change and can whish something what you never wanted before. Our body knows what is good for us: salt, sugar, carbohydrate. And the signs are when we say „Mmm I wish I could eat some salty right now!” and I say „Well eat it!”. „I need to rest” –„Take a rest!” Dow hat your body needs. Because this should be the normal! Eat snack, drink cola, take a rest when you need it, watch the television for 3 days, tell what you are thinking because body knows what he wants! But do you know it?

Well yeah… There are lot of influencing factors which are made the signs of the body blunter or they modified them or they made it stronger and so we cannot speak about natural instincts. Such an influencing factors are the adequacy, serving, decency, organization, the proving and also and maybe the worst: The dissatisfaction. This little evil for who nothing is never enough. Who asks! Asks always! A little chocolate, ice cream, a plate of stew, a new phone, a better lover, he is whispering into your ear: „if you, than me also” , „more, more, more”, etc. And when the instincts are repressed than it will compensate: Boast! Which will attract that always better is needed. Bigger, better, even more beautiful than the others or what it was earlier. It will push you to buy another plane, will pay tenfold price for caviar in the opera, will forbids everything for himself in order to be a cover girl, one word more the a hundred: it has influence and control on you. Its biggest equipment is the media and the impressionable persons, the poverty and riches and so on.

(I hope it is understandable what I wrote, I just want to clear the basics and not dig into this topic very deep, because if I do so than this post will never have an end! :-D)

Let’s think about what will happen if we change our world feelings into the basics, and we are rely on our instincts. What will happen? What do we will need? Water, air, some food? What would be if instead of this material things, like to meet the expectations of others and so we repress our instincts, or we overstate them we will not take care of them? More, I can say better: If we change the snacks during a movie for emotions. We will experience the movie and not run by the meaning. Alone or with others. What could be if we are looking on each other so focused than we cannot do anything else, or we cannot thinking of else? It would be like drinking for many of us. During work I’m drinking just when I’m really thirsty. I’m not drinking because it is in front of me, I buy it, because it MUST… No, I just drink it when my body gives the signs. During work… I’m focused on other things. This is the world… It stands from what we are focusing on. What our values are. What is important and what is not. A little bit summarized: Instincts, feelings, one impulse. Clean. If we could live with them maybe our life can be more complete. And so when we are not watching on these and we are pushing down our soul which is more and more empty, grayer so the problems are bigger. Worth to listen our inner motivations watching our instincts. Can be solution for many problems. For example I eat and drink only when I’m hungry or thirsty. As much as needed. Many are seeing that I’m eating all the day. Or at lunch time (fix time) I eat just a bit. Truth is that I eat when I have the need and not when it is determined. I’m not fighting with overweight or drying. If I feel to laugh than I laugh. If I feel to cry than I cry. Neither others nor the world are influencing me in many things. Of course you can’t be free from this fully… We are not living in middle age, but we can conclude the compromises with the 21th Century in a way which is good for us.

There are some things which are not depending on us. One of this is… the love. We can be with our self, can get sex from anyone, if we are lucky we can even select from applicants but it is very difficult to create love. If my writing sounds a little bit bitter maybe it is because of this. There are things which we are missing but we can’t do against it. Impulse… feeling… which is not depending from us. Yes I miss it sometimes. Ego comes on top and yelling that it is time to find somebody. But, until I’m still happy and I feel good than the only cure is patience. And preparation of course. Room should be made for the new, not only in our hearth but in our surroundings also. I’m working on this right now. To find a soulmate is a completely different story… 😀 Let us stay at to furnish the new life.

Lifestyle change, people! Change the way of life. The new world is in front of us. Let’s prepare some room for it! Silence the noise of world. Let us hear our deepest wishes and work for them and not for this world which is running for its own death. Create our own world and don’t copy the others world. Eat if you are hungry and love if you want to love. Don’t care of others but your will. I think Mother Theresa sad something similar: If each of us would only sweep our own doorstep, the whole World would be clean.

With above quotation: Don’t smother the instinct, the divination! Don’t push it under the water, don’t sit on the top of your own volcano what you created with you will close down there everything which is you. Like it or not once it will blows out and it does matter how you can deal with that.


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