Subconscious or just a dream?

We should know that we have dreams every night but we don’t remember. There are tricks for this and later I will explain my own tricks for remembering. Until that some facts: In case of an 8 hour long sleep there are 4-5 phase (REM) in which we are dreaming. Of course if we go to sleep tired this number can be less and also our remembering is decreased to the minimal. During sleep the activity of the brain can be measured with an equipment called EEG. With the help of this equipment there are 5 different stages separated during one phase. From this the 5th is the REM (Rapid Eye Movements) stage in which we are dreaming. There are dreams from every day or returning dreams, dream about solving a problem, prophet dreams or even nightmares etc.

There are no ages in which peoples have not tried to decipher dreams. In some primitive culture they say that during sleep our soul is living our body and so it is going through things. Ancient people thought that dreams are sent by the gods and they are showing the future.

The first book about the meaning of dreams is written 4000 years ago. In this the Egyptian where collecting the meanings of different symbols in dreams. Ancient Greeks believed also that dreams have meaning and their biggest scientists where working on dreams like Aristotle.

But I’m not interested about this right now. I’m interested about the spiritual subconscious awakening and manifestation through our dreams. What is spirituality? I found an explanation and for me the most faithful in the book of Ágnes Golenya Purisaca. „Not –just- knowledge but some kind of living, experiencing. When you are living consciously in a growing spacious reality and which you are accepting and understanding. This is truly so amazing which can be explained by words. This cannot be shared, this should be experienced by everyone.

Well, this experience is possible trough the way of dreams. Many times our dreams are leading us to a world from which we know after awake that they are not just a dream… but a memory. Or they could be more: Happenings of another world. So realistic and so different. Can’t sort it into any category, not a dream to solve, maybe it has no meaning. It is some kind of help for us. It shows a way, or we just do not know what happened, we are standing there with open mouth, what was that??? We don’t get answer but the dream had so much life energy in it that we can’t get it out this other world, feelings from our head.

I had a trip back to my previous life but even that wasn’t so effective like my yesterday’s dream. Of course during the trip I was an outsider, I saw the happenings like a viewer, but in this dream I lived it! I was there with full hearth and soul. This was different. I woke up next day like I don’t want to stay here anymore. I don’t have problems with this world moreover I’m happy in it, but the other… It was mystic with wonderful feelings, desires. And this other world full with fulfillments was attracting me so much that I did not wanted to be here anymore. All the day my hearth was hammering. I had the dream in my head and the feeling sin my hearth from all the time what I spent there. There should be some explanation for that. I should know it.

I started the searching. Where? On internet, dream guru, books, in systems, every days. I found nothing. I did not searched in one place only: in my hearth. I know the answer on that morning when I woke up. But to believe what is not tangible is very difficult. Many times we are going by things which we think are natural, are with us on every day no matter how important they are. These are the love, relationship with our loved ones and our attention towards them. Because I understand the dream. There is, exists in another world, and not just one. Parallel dimensions? Timelines? Are we existing in many place at the same time and are we living in many worlds? Possible. I don’t know this exactly but I have some kind of a feeling, the inner conscious make me feel that, like a kerchief is waving in front of my nose but sometime I can see through of it, see what is behind. This is what my dreams looks like. This can be anything, but I know one thing for sure! What I saw was given answer to an obsessive feeling in myself. I have hold out! I’m in love, secretly. I feel it, but the other person does not know yet. I feel we belong together. I don’t know that he noticed it, I hope not. 🙂 There are some problems which are not letting us closer to each other (eg.: He is younger, must live, other world, like me, etc.) He is in my head all the time. When I see him I got a feeling which is accompany me for days and after it still follows me, stay with me silently. It hugs me at night and watch me at day. Until we met again, when this feeling lift up very high and from there it hails its happiness. 🙂

Maybe this is why my dream showed this other world. To understand what is happening or with better words what I’m want and what should be happen. The men in my dream was mysterious, retractable. Souls where flying all around me and he was watching filled with wish with curious eyes from behind a column. He was keeping distance, because he know my way, and no matter who much I wanted, this way was not leading towards him primarily. Sometimes I also think that my way is very difficult. The spiritual way, healing, mostly the learning and developing of healing the soul is my main goal. And in this I cannot see love until I learned every lesson, until I reach a level where I can spend enough time to the soul who I love. Currently this will pull me back. Like I have to decide what is more important. Like this is the biggest lesson and the biggest dilemma in my life because since my childhood I’m waiting for the true love. I was looking for him for many time. And now I feel that fate gives me another way. This is sad and painful but maybe later love can get space in this also. Is it enough if he support me and did not refuse. There is always a golden path. It should be. Yes the hope…. 😀 Hope always exists. It is not possible that man can’t find his spiritual soulmate during his way… Only she should arrive in the perfect time. Maybe this is not my time, maybe it is.

What we experience, see in our dreams no matter what or how they are coming have a meaning. But I don’t think that we can find it in a dream solver book. We should look in ourselves for explanations. The source is the end. From where the dreams are coming there is the explanation also: In ourselves.

Regarding dreams just one question: Are you sure that reality is what you are living in right now?

Gurdjieff sad to his students: Every night when you go to sleep and you are at the edge of dream, when the curtain of dream is falling on you, when you are still remember on yourself a little bit, when the darkness of dream is not absorbed you totally and you still have some consciousness left but dream is coming… these moments, these temporary stages between awake and dreams are very important –sad Gurdjieff. Ask a simple question when you are fall asleep: Is this real? Is this real? Repeat this in yourself during this time… And so once, at one day this will goes to your dream and there you can ask this question also: Is this real? That day will be a very big bless for you.

If in your dream you can ask „Is this real?” than the dream will disappear right away. One side you will ask and on other side the dream is gone. Suddenly the big awakening will happen inside. You will be awake while sleeping, and the sleeping will continue –This is such an amazing experience. That time you will see that the world of desires, ambitions and envy are just a dream which we dream while we are awake. And if you can see that this world is just a dream, than you are just one step away for the true awaking.

My tip: I always have dreams or I always remember on them if I’m not too tired before sleep. I image before sleeping that a white light is flowing into me through my crown chakra. It washes me, cleans out the every gray spot of which I got in every day’s living. Then when I’m „washed out myself” and I have only the white light flowing through from my crown chakra to my root chakra than I fulfill myself with it. I will shine from this white light and I image that I’m levitate. In space or above my bed no meaning, but levitate is needed. Then I fall asleep. 🙂 For me it worked all the time, but everyone is different and so the technique maybe should be changed a little bit. You have to try as much method as possible. I recommend to learn the method of conscious dreaming which can help a lot.

Sweet dream! 🙂


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