The failure is helping…

The failure is helping, the disappointment is teaching, the heart is loving

For those who are saying that so many bad things happened with them and so they could not trust in anyone or it so hard to stand up again and again, this little post will be calming, I think. Who says that only bad things are happening with him I have a message for them: I can be ended! I was in hell also. I could give up so long ago. Thinking through I was close for it two times during my life. And now I’m here and I wish I could yell all the day that life is wonderful! No, I do not take any pills or drugs, I’m not a member of any sect, I’m not visiting church, I hardly have money and I don’t have any high education. But I have heart and it is full with love.

Everyone has to know why the many bad things are exists. Why the suffering exists. Contrary should be. There is no bad without good and good without bad! We all have heard this, to be honest many times I did not understood the meaning of this. 😀 But it has. But the sentence should be translated a little bit different: In every bad there are something useable for good. It depends only on you what you are learning from the bad things happened with you. If you learn the lesson what life gives you, than it is over. That kind of bad is not coming back anymore. No so calming but there will be other bad things coming! 😀 A good priest is learning till death. Jeez I’m full with these trite Sayings. 😀 But they have truth inside, and not even less. We should be able to discern the truth from villainy, the light from the dark, the sadness from brightness. It is necessary. Our task is only to learn from the bad. Growing! Look for truth in villainy, the light in the darkness, the company in loneliness because there is. They exist. Always! You just have to find it. If nothing more, but you can collect the consequences at the end of the bad things. I hope that you can make it right and found edification. It is like to get free from a rat race. Bad things will not come back any more if you are learning from them.

A friend of my become guarantor in car loan for her girlfriend. They are good friends and the family who take the loan where rich because they worked as realtor, so there was nothing to worry about. Then the financial crisis came. The real estate market froze and their pocket gets empty. They tried to sell the car so they could finish the loan, but they got scammed: No car, no money. My friend was bothered by the bank because she was the guarantor. –what can be do? Take the responsibility from both. What else can be done? Learn from this situation. Even your best girlfriend should not dig herself into credence and moreover should not drag you also into this. Needless to say, that the friendship has come to an end. I understand that my friend wanted to help and it seemed to be risk free. I think that she learned from this story! Helping is not to take the responsibility for others. The biggest help for the world is if you are helping on yourself. If everyone is taking care only on themselves or on their family, to live a normal and good life, than there would be less problems in the world.

As for me this thinking was selfish at the beginning. But later I understood that there is not bigger selfishness that if we try to help on others without thinking trough the consequences and that what is good for the other person. I think that everyone is in charge for their life. This should be understood as what we get from life is not in vain. It is needed for us to appreciate the good things what we are taking as normal: A hug from our friend, a little surprise, a smile from the shopkeeper, sunshine at winter morning, raining on a hot summer day. We are complaining so-so much for these small things. But they are in front of us and we are not noticing or not appreciate them. Why? It is because we did not get enough bad to make us able to appreciate it. One other Saying let me to write: If someone crying but not changing than it is not hurting big enough. Maybe this has the biggest truth and the most love also in case if we want to help on others, ourselves.



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