Spiritual happiness

Love can be learned, says Leo F. Buscagali. I think everything can be learned. But I’m afraid that there is a huge difference between learned and felt and lived things. We talked about this with one of my good friend yesterday.
While reading the book called The Magic I realized what is if we really feel something. Later I found many books, articles which where confirming the same.
Everybody says that our inner happiness is based on love. „See the world with heart.” „God is in everything.” Well that’s true and nice also, but for me the „how” part is missing again. These are words. They will be words until we are reading them in a comfortable chair. We are not doing anything. In today’s world many are thinking that if they read something than it will happen and they are just waiting for the fried dove. They are checking the social media pages, they see many of beautiful pictures, quotes but after 11 minutes they do not remember anything. Maybe this is planting the seeds of spirituality, love, happiness but there are only a few seed which can grow without light, oxygen and ground. We think that these are fundamentals but maybe this is wrong. These all can be learned. We can get the ground (our thoughts, reality), the water (the tears, to see the process) and the light (our heart, love) also but the user manual cannot fit for everyone.
Inner happiness is individual. Has different meaning for everyone. I don’t want to explain the types of happiness. It is enough if we are look around and watch the people who are tagged as happy. I speak here about the happiness which comes from the deep inside. From a place which is not working only on this world. Is not asking it just want to share. Happiness which could hear the angels in the music and sees love in raindrop. I’m talking about happiness who knows that life is not just that much what we see. The happiness feels and knows that there are a lot more behind of it. We can’t see them because they are hided. Hided because we are not enough developed to see. Respect for exceptions! But we feel that the world is not just that much. Something is pushing us and don’t let us rest. We have to find it. And then we start to realize. Discover the new around us. Watching and feel. This is when we are searching, learning, developing from the act what we feel to do because we feel that we cannot be a whole without that.
The other way is the suffering. This is not our favorite one but the most surest. Everything has a beginning and an end. There is more depth under the floor. And when they say that this can’t be worse, you can be sure that yes it can be! 😀 The road will deepening until you reach where is only two ways left from the millions. Just the two, what you can take. First is the definitive down. When you get bored and you end up the many suffer. You give up. You can’t take any more and you will end it. But you have to know that this is a temporary solution only. Life never gives more than what you can take. If you feel that you can’t take more than you just gave up, you did not did enough and so you will live this again and again these trials in your next life. You can’t run from problems.
After this „upward” come. But till that you have to make a decision which is unwavering. There is no other chance. And this decision from here down comes up with a huge leap. Everything gets in place during the jump. The little pieces find their place. Suddenly like an award, the understanding of the problem will fall on you. As you are solving it you will see because you understand that your problems are easier than what you get to know. You are evolving and you make a big step for this. And so more and more, not this world mystery will show up. Now you feel truly. You feel the trees, wind, sun and others. Not like an outsider, no… Just like the wind. You are the wind, the sun and the feelings of others. You don’t think. You know. This is the difference. This is the life. This is that inner spiritual happiness. I don’t know that to live hell is necessary for heaven but fact is that until you don’t know what pain is you just can think, guess what happiness is. Everything has a beginning and an end. A contrary which makes the other side complete. Black and white, Yin and Yang, up and down, heaven and hell… suffer and happiness. There is no one without the other. Remember when something hurts the lesson is to appreciate more, notice the good. The bigger the anguish is the bigger the gift is also. There is no development which does not go over on this phase. These are needed for life. And because of this they are necessary.
I did not believed in God, neither in any superiority. I did not want and liked the thought if not on this planet than we are controlled by some being in upper dimensions. I could not accept it. But when the depth almost got me I found what I searched for. I don’t want to call that God. The feelings, strength in me which becomes the beginning of the end they are the “Everything”. This could be not written down or to be learned by others. This could be felt only.
I don’t want to say that everyone should get on the ground! Everyone has different measure for life. There are some whom problems can be nothing for us. But it could be that this will bring the awakening for them.
Seeing with our heart is not an easy thing in today’s world. But have to be tried. What is the simpler way? 🙂
Think back to your idleness, cloudless moments of happiness at your childhood. Difficult, I know! But when there were no problems yet. You had the flowers on the field, the teddy bear and the love which comes from a thousand or one place. That time you was who you have to be right now. Look a flower from closer. Look as the wind blows the trees. Dive into the magic of everything. Some minutes per day are enough. Slowly you will notice how many beautiful things are around you. Begin with nature than follow with animals and humans. Watch them. Watch and see the reactions, feelings the surface and what is behind of it. Think with heart and you will see the essence. Listen to your heart. Trite but true. Intuitions are helping you a lot. Make your ideas come true! Always only the first step is difficult. And there are several first steps, one to every direction. But without trials you will never know what are you capable of, what are you inside… What is your way? What is your spiritual being? Who are you?


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