Money or life!

Many of you had sent messages for me and I want to say thanks for them. They give me strength, many ideas and every opinion counts so I’m very thankful for them! The most joy is for me that I can help for you if you are asking. I had longer conversations with the letter writers, and from that I got the idea of this post.
In today’s world money has a very important role. Perhaps it has a too important role. This is what we all know. Some people are feeling this less, they don’t take care about money, and some having all their thoughts around money and they want to get more and more. I know people, friends from both types. As more me I’m in the silent group who are taking the golden mean which is maybe closer to the edge of „less money, more feelings” on our way. We are improving. The technology, the science, human sense, everything is evolving continuously. But with these it comes with that the desire of will and not the love becomes stronger.
While reading the book trilogy of Ágnes Golenya Purisaca I got thinking about what we are doing here. Here and now. I always say that we should live in present. Anyway this present maybe is not the most beautiful, the best and the most silent for our spiritual evolve. Maybe our main task is to be calm in such a hard situation. Finding the happiness, love and to see the beauty? Maybe is it so: This is truly a big challenge, a real task! We have many things to do in one day. The many stress and the world is accelerated. We are trying to keep his speed. We are earning money and taking care of our loved ones. To push some freedom into this life is very difficult. I talk about physical and spiritual freedom also. We are reading a little and lesser we are thinking. Everything is evolving for us they say, but somehow less time we have for ourselves. The clouds are gathering above our head and they make our days greyer, one-sided or superficial. These are the real damages in this world. This is the waste of time. Until we live we are working, learning to earn more money. Even for those who have already the knowledge. And slowly as times goes by we forgot that how much beautiful things we saw in this world as a child. When I was a child I could sit for hours in the garden while watching the bugs marching in the grass or I collected flowers and I was amazed by their beautiful its leaf, smell, color and the small bugs hiding on it. Today many are seeing only a flower which is beautiful or ugly. That’s all. Is life only this? Is money so important? I was read about a woman, who lives without money, in the news. She lives from trading and she has everything what she wants. Food, Air, Water, clothes. In today’s world maybe this is all what we really need. We are coming to this world with empty hands and so do we leave. Between this two we are pushing ourselves, living in stress, become superficial or grey, we will be angry and we got injured. I don’t say that money has to be vanished and nobody should work. No. We have the need for basic things. But we don’t should have the need for everything. This mania for buying comes from fear, uncertainty and worry. I noticed trough my observations someone buy more if he fears more. A friend of mine if he saw a discount product he always bought it. He was able to travel for hours to get something what has discount even if he does not need that item. He was who made me saddest. He could be a good man because he had a very big hearth which could blow away every fear from his inside, he just have to learn to trust and let others in his life. Instead of he see everything in money, be one-sided, insensitive due to the walls which he built so far. I think he is lost and there is no more painful thing when we love someone who is lost. One word more than a hundred we converting our feelings, which is the fear most of the time, into money. If you see someone who is balanced, and loves from the inside, and she is happy, than you will not see any expensive stuff in her house. You will find almost nothing in her fridge but still she will share such a calmness which will make you become complete. This is what I call life. Be stripped from everything. Everything is amazing and happy in its true nature.
Back to the book it was good to be lost in the story when the main character is in escape run from his captors and during that time she lives! She is happy from to be alive. The feeling which shows itself in the world, which is free from the frippery around us, is some kind of wonder. I have to tell that this book like others are unbalancing me from a point of view, that if I start to read a spiritual story in that the main character can spend so much money, for her journey to his inner world, within one week which is around my payment for 10 years. At the beginning she was traveling to other place which is not right I think because where we are born has a reason. There are not so many stories about a hero founding herself in a poor and cold environment. 😀 If we abstract from previous, and we focus on the main story, than it is recommended to everyone. And here is my opinion, thoughts which were given by this book to me:
I think that one of the secrets of living happy is to get free from fears, rotes. If something goes wrong we fix it. Repairing and replacing. The fridge, washing machine, car, marriage we fix them. We have to choose other way if this isn’t working. This can be understood literally. Going home from the work on other way, trying out new lives, start to workout, taking care of other people soul, meet new persons, put into everything a little bit more feeling. Searching for the “new”. The new roads, foods, hobbies, landscape and worlds. Falling out from ordinary to start ourselves explore through the way of new experiences. And how can we reach them? We just have to watch to our heart more. There is no luxury yacht, new car, million dollars in bank. Listen to what your heart want. Does it want to go out for wandering instead of going home after the work? Why you are not making it? Is your current relationship enough for you? Why are you not throwing it out, or fixing it? This time the excuses are coming because of the fear from future. You can’t see the future. Nobody can see what is in the future. And so it is meaningless to stress yourself. There is always somehow, and will be somehow also.
You can be sure in one thing: Life gives you as much you can take! 🙂


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