Happindex –One little statistic

What is happiness? It is different for everyone. There is no user manual for happiness. You can reach it through yourself.

There is momentary happiness: money, new house, new car, a hot woman, a macho or a holiday.

And there is the durable happiness: born of our child, marriage. Did you notic that these are not connected for material things? Here can be perceived the Feeling. But this not guarantees the true happiness. Our child will fly out from the family nest and we will remain alone. Our spouse after a long and happy period will cheat us with divorce at the end. No. This isn’t guarantee. Nothing is what depends on something or someone else!

But true happiness will not slip by. It not lasts for one or two weeks, some months, year. It will be with you always, inside you, in your heart. It depends from you and you are only responsible for it. Remember it well! It depends from you alone, and you can’t blame anyone else! Well, it seems to be true and now let’s see some statistics to see that we are doing something wrong:

1.,Happiness index:

In the period between 2010 until 2012 was investigated by the UN’s „Happiness survey”. They examined the happiness of people in 156 countries. Denmark was in the first place. Hungary (My country) ended up on 110th place only. 46 of people said that they are happy from 100 people based on tests. Let us be honest, if we look around, even this 46 person is very hard to find.


The sealing of love has failed by 50% since 1960.

3.,If marriage than let us have data from divorce:

In the year 1980 from 1000 marriage 346 ended up with divorce. Today this number is 562. Every tenth adult divorced from his spouse in our little country.

4.,Financial prosperity:

UNICEF was investigated in 2012 the wealth of children which had the result that every 10th child lives in poverty.


The quality and the number of enrolled are rising in the last 10 years. However I’m interested about when we will start the real education like in Austria. There –for example – are happiness lessons in education plan. Certainly! They are teaching it!

Moreover! In 1960 the US professor Leo F. Buscaglia started to hold Love lessons also.

By the way between 2000 and 2012 deterioration can be observed in the knowledge of students based on knowledge level survey. Summarizing this I got the feeling that in better, more beautiful schools children are educated for the knowledge of which 70% will not be used as an adult!


The numbers of those who read nothing or only the news are doubled and those who read books are reduced to half. This is revealed by a investigation between the years 1985 and 2000.

Since 2008 the reading on screen is drastically increased. In 2013 an organization tested 35 thousand young teenagers (8-16 years old). They realized that more of the half of this group preferred the reading on screen. Although it was not studied that they read books or just news, gossip columnist, social medias.

Dear Reader! You are now improving the statistics about reading! Thank you in the name of statistics!

7.,Public health:

Half of the population is not doing any sport based on data from 2013.

The drug consumption is continuously increasing per capita. 2.5 million people are having hypertension which is one of the biggest rate in Europe. 7.6% of the adults having diabetes which has the result of 7600 death by year. One third of men are not living the age 62. In the last 50 years the number of birth was decreasing by 1% year by year. These facts are deterrents. Maybe the time has arrived to think through what should we do else! Not the politics, not the state but We have to think it through. Don’t search the problems in others. We should do for making things better.


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