The silent depth

Now, when it is finally Summer I can wear shorts and so my tattoo can be seen. Many are asking „what does it means?”. I answered proudly: Happiness is within!

But more I said this the more I felt that so this is only a sentence. Not for me but for others. 😀 Next time when they asked what this Italian title means, then I said only this: This is difficult. This is not only one sentence. This should be not understood but have to feel it. I can’t just tell the meaning. Things have depth. Depth what cannot be described with words. This is what I called silent depth. Man associates peace and silence from this. But if we think it trough we will realize that there is no depth which is more talkative, emotional fully, happier, philosophical, sadly what we can find in our self and others. Or words, sentences, even a smile behind an act.

I case of me there is many suffer, loneliness, pain, joy, finding, appreciation and mostly love behind this small sentence. How can tell this to someone so easily?!

Silence is golden. We heard this. Sometimes it is. Sometimes a hug, a sympathetic tear, an encouraging smile can worth more than hundred a word. We should use our other feelings more often than our tongue. Smatter chats are useless for me and I’ll not spend my life to do useless things. Am I silent? Ney! I speak but based on that everything has its place and time. It is naturally that man will not give his happiness to anyone even if he has a lot. Not because the other person does no need it but he maybe did not realized or his pride did not let him to accept help from others. Even the most unbearable person is a human! We should listen to him, dig deep into him and our self and we can discover in everybody the real message. Many times I say that everything has a reason and below that there is another one, the true reason. Depth means this among others.

Not speaking about meditation which is about this also. Look into our self. During that we are listening, not talking, not paying attention for unnecessary thing just for our inside. In the deepest silence we can find the most important things. We can find it behind the walls, below the floor. If you want somebody really know than you must pay attention for what and how he says. Look behind the things and you will see him. World could be so much different if we don’t waste time for minor talks and we don’t swim only on the surface. Silence can be the road for understanding and forgiveness.

Not so long ago I watched the movie „Doing Time, Doing Vipassana”. This movie was about this topic. Indian prisoners could reach the forgiveness trough Vipassana meditation. It was an Interesting movie. It is worth looking at… 🙂

Dear Reader, remember for this next time when you are in a superficial chop that maybe you are not here for that. Move along or dig deeper and you can discover a whole new world.


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