Spice your life!

If you do monotonous work or it is boring that every day is the same progress, perhaps you want to roll up your mood, than you are in good place!

What is the thing what can make the gray days more colorful? I have thought a lot about it. The lot of thinking has results. I hope these small ideas can motivate you for more:


1. Make a page with a smile on it on your door, workplace or staircase. I put mine on the billboard at my job. It looks like an advertisement but you can get a smile here. You can make some people’s day but you will have the best moments when you will not expect it. To be honest my colleagues not took any smile, so I figured out that if I see that someone has a bad day, than I will give him one smile. 😀 The little happiness on his face could sweet my day and his also.


2. The weapon of habit is called oafish the latent diseases which force you to go home without knowing what is around you. Then look around! You can see so many funny, beautiful, intimate things, you will not believe. If you pay attention to your surroundings than surprising things can happen. 😀 You will see the smile of a playing child, the mood of cashier (what you can raise also), birds jumping in the grass, and so on… Look around and see!


3. Ask, Search, Seek! If you are bored or you have enough of what you are doing and you feel that you need something different suddenly. Then ask something from the person who is the closest to you. No matter what, but if you want to distract yourself than it is useful to ask something what can cause a few minutes long smiley, polite chat. I noticed that we are so closed in our small world that we are afraid of accost unknown persons. The acquaintances for example in our workplace we don’t notice them. And this is not good. Something should be done against this.

Search. Look for a name, a word, a celebrity on the internet, Wikipedia. You will learn a new thing and this is never boring. Not spoken about that later you can use it during conversations like an interesting fact. Every day, learn something new and so you will keep your mind fresh.

Seek. Look for your old friend and do something together. Organize a party, go to drink a tea, anything. You can find out new things, meet new people which will drag you out of this monotony. You can never know what you will experience trough an old friend at least you will have a pleasant afternoon!


4. Change! Go home, to work on other route. Buy clothes what you never dare to buy, and wear them! Skip once-twice the TV-series and read instead of them. You won’t believe how much it can energize man to try out some new things!


5. Look for a hobby. Glass painting, fishing, poker, sewing, puzzle, no matter what, but you need something what you can do if you need some inner silence.


6. Do sports! Twice a week take yourself to play some kind of sport. The importance is on moving so don’t be afraid of the word „sport”. Learn dancing, fighting sport or go out for running, head to the nearest gym for an hour if you don’t want to go out then on the internet you can find many exercises, you can go with bicycle to work, doing yoga. Everything that moves you is perfects and one hour twice a week is not so much. If you can do it for two weeks than you will feel that you are full with energy, you have better mood and you can’t wait for the next days when you can close out everything from your mind and you are taking care of your body.

These are just a few, but if there is needed I can share some more ideas. But I believe that after this everyone will have some own ideas! 🙂

Try these out and your days become more colorful, your mood better, you will have more energy! 🙂


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