We don’t know or do not want to know?

Become one with God again? Yes that would be good. We are in relationship with God like the Down syndrome persons with their parents. They are humans also as we are part, children of God also, and as they have some deficiency so we have also. They got the human, the spirit, everything inside. We have also God inside but because of some deficiency we can’t find him. Could it be because of overdone material world, the upbringing, a bad surrounding or simply the technical development was suppressing the knowledge about it in our mind? Possible, but now a new era has arrived and we are awaking. More and more we found the need of our origin and knowledge. We become richer with the new experiences. Which are not new basically but we found them again in us.

Why is the many suffering on Earth? I think God don’t wanted from us to forget this many ability what he gave to us. He wanted us to use and develop by them. But we against of this started to evolve on other way, and only on that way. And so we suppressed our God nature. So we ruined our spirit inside. Only a few of us are happy. Really happy. Permanently happy. We have more and more disaster, starvation, poverty, world crisis. You can call this to conspiracy theory but still everything is related to everything. It is not accidental that mankind has to suffer so many. We caused this. It was lawful. This can’t be continued or we will die because of our material world. Not literally but our soul will die. Our soul is dying day by day more and more. While our body and wallet is growing we, our spirit is ceases to exist. Because of this we have the many signs. WAKE UP! World shouts! And finally we can hear it. Many and more we can hear our inner calling word. But we are still not enough. Not spoken about the fellow creatures leaders who are allying to „clear” the world. With their word, let them die. Rich, smart, well-off can stay. How much time is still needed to make our eyes open? But this is not the main question… Maybe it is that how much time is needed to make the first step?

Where? Toward us…



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