One cherry summer day

Today I finally got the real summer feeling. That’s the real summer. I woke up happily. One reason was that I dreamed with one of my colleague, he was preparing in his garden to a quiz game and I was the anchor. It was a very funny dream. 😀 I woke up before the clock was kindling. I stretched a big, stroked my dog, she was waited for this next to my bed, and I went to make coffee. I did not had mood to turn on the television instead of I was listening to the song of the birds. I opened the window and breathed a very big from the fresh morning air. I felt that today the world is mine! In my job vivacity waited for me, who didn’t had this feeling I give from mine! 😀 While I was working, I got a feeling which can be described by a Shakespeare quote:

And all this day an unaccustom’d spirit,

Lifts me above the ground with cheerful thoughts.

Like when we are preparing for vacation and we are excited a little bit. But I’m not preparing for vacation. I can word the feelings, about this huge happiness what I have today, very hardly. Today anything can happen! Where it comes from? Where it goes? When it will vanish? I don’t care! Today nothing like worry or solving problems will throw me into fever. I just interested about that I’m good. And this I’m good means way more that this two words! I feel that I’m alive. I feel my surroundings and the nature even in my office. I hear the sound of birds on the street. In the mass and with million to do I am the calmness! This is a wonderful day and I had to share it with You! 😀



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