Well I’m in delay but as in case of everyone, this has a reason. I had double work to do in my job and I can’t stand with brain much longer. Time what I spend in my job I feel like is only 5 minutes against the 8 hours. I don’t have time for anything and I become so tired at the afternoon. My eyes and hands are in pain. My hands are shaking, and I could see like old women because of the time in front of the monitor. The point is that I still make the Facebook page in the afternoon because I can reach many people. But this is not as simple as I thought at the beginning… I have to recruit, and this is a huge job. Since two weeks I work only with this, and so I don’t have time for writing or especially for thinking. My Facebook paged reached the 100 followers and I decided that I deserve some rest. Why these lot of work and their physical effects where falling on my shoulders?

Well, life is a though player! When you think you’re are OK and everything is on a good way, than life gives the biggest challenges and hardest times. Of course it is my fault also, I did not thought that social media has so much work. But I’ll eat what I cooked. 😀 The physical and mental exhaustion having affects first on the nerves. Then, man start to thinking! Happiness, here you go! I hurt my surroundings, when I go out, I just complaining how bad is that I could not see the beautiful nature, because my eyes are so tired! 😀 I don’t have time, I don’t have time! How weird is that I never take care about time if I’m happy. But now this is my voice! What I’m doing is horrible. After a few days I realized all of this and I laughed on myself. I the little bird of happiness who would to sing on the voice of love how man can reach happiness. I’m in downturn and I become a weekday, normal, gray, bearish body and who do everything like a nervous robot with stomach cramps.

Not in vain I wrote at the beginning of the blog that REVELATION… These times it becomes clear that how big hole do I dragged myself. I should calm down and climb out from this pit. And life is giving the signs. Pain is like that, I mean the physical pain. The many small signs are trying to warn us. But that the person how can realize these signs if he is nervous or does even notice them… I think it is individual dependent. In case of me a cannon should be used… 😀 I do not watch news because they are full with death and policy and after the second news I become depressed. But on some way the television was on one channel and I did not notice it. –To be honest I use the television to make some noise, not to watch. 😀 –I become aware that a Hungarian climber fall into a 25 meter deep ice pit all alone… The small irony I heard out from that, so I watched this news. Our man had internal bleeding, more broken bones but he climbed out from the „hole”. Instructive little story and if we can watch ourselves, to project this to our life as a metaphor than in no time we can find our problem, what confusing us. That was the point when I stood up and sad that this is enough for today. I should take some rest. I will climb out from the hole!

I took my dog and walked as long as all restlessness where vanished and I could think about the nature, myself and the beautiful and positive thoughts. I organized myself. We should pay attention to signs, but mostly on ourselves!

Man can be lasting happy if he can avoid the holes and not when he can climb out after falling in it. 🙂


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