One little pause

My dear Reader!

First of all let me thank you that more and more people are reading my writings here! 😀

I think that I’ll mumble the many dry articles with a little personal post. I have to share the results of my personal development which are now very bad. Thing is that today’s life where women’s gained their equality are working very much and so we got very difficult lives. I live moreover alone. Ergo: I’m at my workplace daily 8 hours, because of slight payment I do not have car I have to travel with bus there and back. I go to shopping, walking with my dog after that we play a little bit, I make some dinner for myself, I make some exercise and after I read and wrote here in blog and if I have some mood, energy left than I do the cleaning also. I think it is understandable that I have very small time left, what I got after everything, for writing even if they need constant care. I should take a rest sometimes but on this week I could not schedule it because of the many things I had to do. Not spoken about that in my work this is the worst and most stressful week and in the future I will have much more to do. It is very stressful neurally and physically and so my feelings become more surfaced. Not just the negative but the positive also. I didn’t mean these as a complaint. Soon you will understand…

I feel that life is giving me tasks. When everything is finished I got some peace, time than everything falls again on my shoulders! Why???

Well the answer is simple. I am the only one who creates this mess for me. Not the life, my boss, my friends. No. I do!

How? My opinion is that blaming the outside world is just an escape route from our responsibility. We should acknowledge that for what we do we are responsible, thereby for the results and consequences also. Why someone makes such a stressful week from a peaceful and good condition? Because we are humans!!! Or we are ALSO humans! And humans loving to complain, they love if they can do something, they did not like to be alone, they are sometime nervous, they love to fight, hate, love and so on I could list up all the features which are not born from calmness, happiness, love, soul. We create them. When I’m improving myself in my soul than I know where I belong. I know that this body is just temporary for this life. I can’t identical myself with it because I’m inside and outside of this body and I have effects on that. I’m on physical plane when I’m thinking about that I’m a human. My thoughts, acts are also answering on physical plane. I break away from spirituality. This is true for me leastwise. And here is the key!

Women are complicated or men are simple?

I had problems with the men who never could found the gold mean in anything. Everything is black or white. I had problem with that. And the problems what we see in others are problems in us! Mirrors! Here they are! Finally I understand. Even I can’t find the gold mean between physical and spiritual world! This or that. And this made such a confusion that caused this stressful week. I’ll get nervous breakdown at the end! 😀

Because I found the root problem, now I can start to look for solution! Yesterday during shower I could still my mind. I imaged that a white light flows into me through my crown chakra and there it diffuses and bring calmness and cleans me. It washout every tiredness, embarrassments, inconvenience from me! Who has such a lively imagination like me could use the following: Bad things I vision as gray, black lights and then the white light as fills me up slowly, vanish these dark lights. When I got clean inside I imagined that this shine has so big power that it comes outside! It covers my body and defends it. Calm all of my body parts, auras, chakras, everything. I imagined myself in space where I just hovered around the stars. Relaxed, not thought about anything. It felt good! I almost got fully recharged and I was 100% calm at the end of the shower. With clean mind I could prepare myself for the next day. I went to sleep I had a very deep and relaxing sleep until morning! I woke up like an energy bomb with clean head. Maybe I did not understand fully the balance but I’m working on it, and to keep it!

I should understand that body and soul are exists in interact with each other. That the soul is calm and emotion fully tiny island and the body is who goes to work, earning money, etc. I should understand that this soul goes to work with the body and if a car hit it then they can broke apart. These two are working together here on Earth. I have to take care on both at the same time but one by one.


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