After my journey to my previous lives I visited a prophet. I was at her some years before. And now I needed her teaching. Why? I had many questions. The following could be familiar for many of you:

-I have an unbearable make to help others. Help them to be happy, to feel better, to see what I see.

-Not so strong, but I can feel the souls who are trapped in this world. Sometimes lights, flashes I saw. I feel what they feel and they ask for help but I do not know how I can help.

-I have dreams what I do not understand. I dream with witches, killings and the most of the time spiders.

-My senses are so strong that this alone is enough for me to understand that my life is not ordinary and I have to do something.

-I can send message to others by thinking. Some can receive it immediately some a bit later but every time I got answer.

-I can feel very strongly the feelings of the persons around me.

-I can’t feel the time. Sometimes it becomes faster or slower sometimes.

-To make the life of my surrounding persons, animals better is more important than anything else.

-My sympathy can start even by a yogurt advertisement. 😀

So if you feel that you are filled up with the same thoughts I have good news for you. You are Lightworker! We are so many. But lots of are not found this in themselves or they do not care about it.

I was at Eva F. in Budapest. She sad me that I’m a Lightworker! I got some special abilities, for me these are feeling, seeing the spirit world. There is more type of abilities:

-Clean seeing

-Clean sensation

-Clean hearing

These are the improved mode sensations which are different from the normal.

As for me I got all three fortunately. There is different when which is stronger, but I got all of them.

However I was turning to Eva with one problem she helped me a lot: I was afraid of the manifestation of souls. She said that I was not afraid but I felt what they feel. And so I understand why I felt immeasurable sadness at the 14 years old boy’s ghost. Here also it becomes clear that he was not 14 years old. They can be seen in any age and so I can’t rely on this. The most important thig is that the Lightworker person task is in case of this other world to bring messages from them and to help them to find the light. Souls are afraid. We can feel it also. Because they do not know what is waiting for them after the light. They remember the mistakes what they did in their life and they are afraid from the consequences of the pay-off. But they don’t have to fear. There is no pay-off only just in them self. In the light peace is waiting for them. They should be helped to get there. There are many methods for this. This should be learned, and you have to feel, which are best.

This whole thing is weird. If a seer read this probably he smiles about my early age. But somewhere I should start. We learn how to walk also step by step also like reading and now this also should be learned. Of course I am at the very beginning but the development can’t be stopped. There is no turning back.

And now some smart explanation about what is Lightworker:

This title is used for those groups of peoples who offer their current life for helping this planet and mankind. This is not sacrifice from them because they did not feel their act as a sacrifice. They start their act because of an inner motivation –who sooner, who later- on a road where you could not stop later and there is no turning back (here I remark that they did not want to). Because they figure out or they feel that they are called for more and then they start to search their place in this world consciously. How?

There are those among us who realize their tasks by themselves but there are also some who feel that they have to do something but in their heart, soul are only dim wishes, feelings. In this time it is worth to find a „helper” who is able to make connection with the „heavens” and could communicate their messages about the life task of the awakening soul. I’m not thinking on false helpers like seers, spiritual advisors who call themselves a helper. After a little time the awakening persons could feel who can give him truly useful advices. If they are listening to their intuition they will find the right person. It is possible that the Lightworker was waited for the last confirmation (most of the time she do not know from herself that she is that) that she is on good way… and she began to soar. She makes her job because SHE HAS TO!!! Why? Why? Even she is not understands it sometimes but she is going ahead like a bulldozer. First she is learning: from life, teachers, courses, books. Then she becomes a teacher, helper, healer. Her life will change unnoticed. She will be happier, balanced and she radiates this to her surroundings as well. First in smaller than in the bigger surrounding the positive changes will start. Don’t think that Lightworker is a being with special privileges. She is the same human as everybody else. They living their everyday life, they have problems, fights. Sometimes they are also sour if the things are not going as they planned. But they are not alone, they have a partner who not let them get off from the right way, what they chosen to themselves (is this also a help from „heavens”?). Once on top once on bottom… but living and acting worth only with always looking forward.

The common joy

If in one person life the Lightworker can make positive changes will fill her up with joy. Because we have effects on each other’s life and once a process is started there is no stop. More and more, better the Lightworker will make the life of her surroundings. After a while Lightworkers can find each other they feel the fire in the other person, the zest, the waiting to help and the wish for heal for this planet and every living on it. They are creating some easy groups in order to act together for one purpose if needed. Everyone is inspired for implement one-one part of the main task and so anyone can find her place inside the group. Don’t think about „sect” organization. We do not talk about it. If a Lightworker would like to take a part in the group then she make it from her own will with joy and without pressure. Every place of life it is true if we colligate than it has a result. Our Earth, human civilization could be saved only with colligation. That is why finding the Lightworkers and working together for the future, raising humanity is so important. Some words for Lightworkers! You are the trump of love! You are the warriors of light born to this world with task one by one. The sensitivity of yours are matchless and unique, you are the one part of the perfect whole. You are unique and also similar. While your tools, abilities are different you are fighting for one goal! You are the guardians of light and the harbinger of awakening. You are blessing for Earth because with your mere existing you are able to change your surroundings. You can exude the higher vibration and so you can motivate the sleeping souls for waking up. You drag them back from darkness while you give them light, peace and calm. You walk the road of higher consciousness which comes with great responsibility. We were leading you for a while, you get many signs… You always were suspecting this in the deep of your heart you know it, what you are capable of. We were confirming you many times, and now time has arrived. Time has arrived to step out from the line and become Lightworker. You are the connection between earth and heaven you are the children of a temporary world. Transmit our words! Open yourself for us and let the energy of light and love into yourself! Be the living channel, the channel of light through which the light can reach Earth and where it will dissolve. Your individual act holds great power in them but together in unity you are the most powerful. Together you should heal the Earth and the people on it. But don’t forget, not with violence and pressure –Leading by example and love is your weapons. Healers! Heal! Teachers! Teach! Artists! Create!

I hope that many of you will recognize that how important task this is in such a material world. The world is heading to a bad direction and our task is to make it right, the Earth, the people and everything and everyone. 🙂

Eva told me that I should not help only on spirit world but I have to help on peoples. Reiki should sound familiar for many. I do not know much about it but I have to learn this way of healing also. I made an interesting discovery with help of Eva: I had to image that I become very, very small than I had to step into my body through my mouth. –Look around inside and if you see something different on your insides, let me know. -I had no clue from anatomy, I just know the basics, but I have to study this as well. 😀

Anyway I named my problematic organs. Ok, this is easy because we know where it hurts and why it hurts also. Then she asked me to examine her on the same way. It was very weird even if I was counting on that this will be the next step. More or less I found the problematic points except those, what I was not examined. Checking from the outside is also possible, muscles, joints, etc. Barbara Ann Brennan –Healer Hands I.-II. Books are very good if you want to study this! I offer it for everyone who wants to help on others.

I tried it on two of my friends, of course with their acceptance and turn to them with love and servile. Both time I found out their problems.

Our love has the power to create! Like when we pray. I don’t used to, but if someone prays than he makes it with his heart. Pray is a way to represent our thoughts, asks for helping of other peoples, our wish for the love of peoples. During the pray the person closing out everything else. He is focusing only on what he says and his pray is benevolent, servile. On this way it helps. It is forwarding our thoughts which have power to construct.

In the central hospital of San Francisco 402 patient where watched over 10 month. The patients were divided in two groups. In the first group were 192 patient, they were the „prayer” group, and the remaining 210 patient where the control group. (…) In the beginning of this experiment the scientists where called the churches of Catholic, Reformed and other kinds across the United States. He asked them to pray for the „prayer” group because they really need their support. For each patient there were 5-6 persons who prayed every day. They never missed a time to ask God to give health for the unknown patients.

And what is the result? Believe it or not prays could bring slightly success. The old sick persons who were healed (…also with) pray took only quint less medicine than the persons with the same age, same sickness but without pray. They become heart failure on third of the time and from the group of „prayers” no one was put on breathing machine, during the 10 month of this experiment –while in the control group they had to use breathing machine in 12 times.

No need to be religious to pray. I think that every remembrances, thanksgiving, sending love, beautiful thought is a pray.

Well, for now I’m learning, learning, improving just how it should be done: with love. 🙂


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