The third eye

As I noticed the concentration and making our mind empty is the center, origin of everything. It is two completely opposite thing but both are very important to our spiritual development. These are like a primary commodity. We can only „bake” good cookies from them! 😀

They are needed for divination, development, „seeing”.

We can find it almost in every culture for example the painted dot on the forehead of Indian people, representation of Buddha or the eye of Horus.

Now I want to discover the third eye, I read a lot about it, and it seems that it will be very complicated thing. Or it is all about who had already an intuition of it!!!(and this is the keyword I think) after that they could use it better and so they could describe their development? Or it is about that if someone can feel it, can listen to her inner voice or she flows with the water and so she developing but she can’t share this knowledge? This is possible.

For a while I fought how to write down what is happening with me on a way that it could be not just understand able but reachable also. But because this is a blog about my development so first I will write down my experiences and later when I will be interested about the „why?” I will write down how it can be done. I feel myself lucky, maybe in my previous lives I reached many thing of this topic because a lot of things are just working in my life or at least I can feel how to use them very quickly.

What today I tried is also the same. I tried to write down what is on the desk of my colleague in front of me. There are a lot of things between us like monitors, files, office stuffs and so I could not see it but I was interested that do I can describe it or not. Well the concentration is very important, in this case which is a very big challenge in an office with 70 persons, phone rings, talking etc. I made it. I could list up what things are on the desk however I could not tell what are their positions but the things matched. I felt big success in me and it gave a big push to continue my learnings. Improve my third eye.

Currently I’m reading the book „Opening the third eye”. There are many science explanations in it, how else you can wrote down a feeling, sense? Could be very difficult especially because of sceptics… Like in every book we have to collect the information, explanations which are useable for us and read the remains and place them in us as background information.

As I experienced during the practice of third eye or telekinesis the overdone focus is not good… It should not be forced, must to make it easy but the concentration should be 100%!

I’m in middle of my training later I will share my development but this is a slow process. There are people who can practice it for 10-20 years… I took a big challenge that is for sure.

I almost felt in the same mistake what I do hate in others. I did not explain what kind of practice I make for my third eye training. I tell what it is, but I did not told what you can do. Please forgive this.

So I looked in many writings until I found some usable.

„The pineal gland is what we call as the third eye or the place of soul. This is a small organ in human body inside of the brain has a shape of pine-cone. It produces hormones like melatonin, serotonin and DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) which is also called as Soul molecule. In energy level the pineal gland is the 6th chakra’s (Ajna in Sanskrit) physical manifestation. It is paired with mystical potential with the sense of the non-physical world and with the wisdom of soul. This organ is your spiritual vision device, the bridge between the physical and metaphysical world. This makes able you for mystical and conscious dreaming which is necessary for spiritual progress. These are the messages of soul and the pineal gland is the antenna which can receive it.

Pineal gland is stopping to work after we become 12 years old at most of the people. Maybe you also noticed that all the children are spiritual and intuitive natured but as we grow up we lose this ability. Why?

The problem is the calcification of this organ. This gland is filled with water which means that with age it will calcify, and of course because of other things. What causing this exactly?

Fluoride in water and toothpaste

The processed „trash” food


refined sugars, fats, flour

restricting beliefs

lack of spiritual exercises.

This is from a good and detailed article which wrote down the activation of the third eye. I offer it to everyone: Activate of pineal gland

It is necessary to state that the openness, closeness, balance of threshold system of our body the auras, chakras, energetic points are working together with our mind. So in the perfect time their opening happens, when it is needed, our mind can control this. This opening is not going through by the conscious will. There is no need to target one chakra and open it with our mind unless you want to experience this for fun.

Clean sensation is a strong ability what we can achieve.

The clean sensation and the ability of sense the higher spectrums of energy are connected to the third eye or 6th chacra. This means if this chacra is in balance than we can get back the ability of sense beyond this 3D world. In the beginning we can see colors or small light bulbs. We got visions or we receive pictures in our mind, even more we can see with our eyes the other worlds. This is a big thing this can be a strong and shocking experience, to sense things beyond the educated „reality”. And because of this when your body is in harmony and balanced everything appears what is connected and what is represented by your third eye. This is so because this will defend you from the psychic shock if the opening happens to fast.

Let me remind you that everyone has pineal gland and so everyone has third eye. Some has more advanced some has less advanced but everyone can develop it. As for me I make it in order to sense better and cleaner the spirit world.

The quoted text mentioned auras, more chakras. I have heard about them but the picture is not complete yet. I will try to get more information about them to get a better view.

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