Back to one previous life –Preparation

I’m very excited, I can’t think of anything else but that the moment has arrived. My journey to my previous life is very close. It will be tomorrow. 😀

I do not know much about it. But I trust in who will make it. So I was not asking about it. I just let myself to drift with the flood. For many months nothing happened for my development. I was stuck. I started to worry about it. Surely there are a lot of peoples who feel the same that he has to hurry to somewhere. Like the time is pressing. I don’t know where but I feel that I have to hurry. I felt this even in the last year.

Time has arrived to start my journey on a road which can answer a lot of my important questions.

To take this trip one question is needed, or a problem. In other words I need a purpose. You cannot just go back without purpose. So then I framed my question.

I should get to know which way I have to continue. This seems to be a good question. In the previous days my preparation had begun. Tomorrow I’ll take my trip. I’m looking forward to it. I promise that I’ll explain it here 🙂 Until that: Travel from the perspective of the travel guide. We are working in a relaxed condition with continuous communication. It is a method supported with energetic symbols. (Symbols are no others than special slices of the huge energy of the Universe.)

Symbols are also energetically supporting the soul of the patient to make him able to release as much as possible from his solution. It provides protection during the journey for the energy layers of body and soul.

The patient is awake and he is in a meditative condition until the end. He knows and remembers after the trip what happened during the treatment. It depends only on his free will what he can/dare to face with. And if he thinks that he experienced enough than the journey is over.

The guide of the mentor lasts until the patient reaches down to his previous life (or in the previous life stage of the current). After that the traveler will tell what is happening with him, what he see, hear, sense, and what he lives again through.

In order to get as much and deep experiences (nothing more) what the patient can process and he will not get some kind of mental injury the symbols are giving also this kind of defense (however many feels this after the journey but later it soon turns out that they can handle, digest it).

And so the worst thing what can happen is that nothing happens and the traveler comes back from the meditated condition like he is good rested (although the energy has effects on karmic burden making losing the molds and they start the dissolving).

We are not traveling just because of curiosity this method is not for that. Just for questions, topic where the patient is stuck in his current life or he want to get some explanations.

Every travel is successful because they are cleaning the threads of Karma. It is possible that sometimes it seems that life becomes more complicated but after a short period it becomes clear what was the reason for this disturb (also to get something dissolved it should at first comes to surface, it should be stir up a little bit).

It is the same when we sweep the trash under the curtain and after we always stumble in it. And when finally we lift up the curtain to make it clean first we are shocked by the look what we see. But after the cleaning the curtain becomes smooth under our feet, we will not stumble anymore.

There are concrete physical healings also (but this is not a normal healing technique, this cleans the mind, soul and so it make it heal): there where someone who had pain in the back without medical reasons. He made a travel he saw how he was cut in two pieces in previous life. So he get realized in soul that this was a different life and during the journey the travelers get the right to solve karma and so his pain was gone.

Important thing that there are exclusionary reasons: only clean minded person can be traveled, inaugurated!! (Alcohol, drug …) Also there are situations when the energy could be too much for the patient: pregnant mom after the 6th month, peacemaker, epilepsy, asthma attacks, etc…

Many are doubt after the travel that isn’t this just fantasy, fiction. Well, the answer is very simple: Look into yourself into your feelings, thoughts and just watch that when you are fantasize does it touch your souls, feelings, thoughts on the different level when you get your memories, experiences with this method.

Our most important lesson: It doesn’t count who we are in past but it counts that what we can live in present, achieve with clean soul from our tasks, lectures.

My personal comment: Nobody should try this without a competent travel guider!

I’m coming! 🙂


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