Live in present

Dan Millman – Way of the Peaceful Warrior’s book was planting the seeds of inner peace and living in present in me. Now days I’m practicing this especially because I feel myself lost and I don’t want worry on this. I don’t want to think on the mysterious future neither on painful past.

Meditation is one way to being in present. When I meditate there is nothing just me in the middle of nowhere. There is no movement, sound, aroma, taste, feeling, there is nothing. But while living in present I have the flowers around me, I got the keyboard here, the writing. Now I got these. The world is stopped. The actual moment exist only. I cannot describe how big satisfaction it has. Cloudless joy I feel while I’m walking and there is nothing but the trees only which I’m passing by. Just one leaf on the bush which was just sprouted and it has bright green color and only the sun which shines through it. And if I checking it closer this is not a leaf it is a butterfly. 🙂

During that I don’t think about when I have to go to work or I’m missed the writing or in the sink I have 3 days old coffee mugs. I do not take care about it. I take care about the leaf, the butterfly, the sun and me in the center of this small miracle. There are no thoughts.

Long ago I had a horse. My horse. I was 14 and there were no everyday problems because I was a child. She was sitting on the horse the naive, dreamer, impassioned, young girl. And she was flying!

I sat on the horse. After a small warmup we went to the horizon. The field which got no end and no begin. A powerful animal is below me. We are moving together he knows where we are heading. I was in lead! A stork was flying above us. The grass below us where helping the steps of my horse. We were gliding! It is like we were flying. Soundlessly. Then I close my eyes. I open my arms. I’m flying! I’m free! From far away from the sigh of my Soul I only hear the beats of the hooves on the hard, bleached ground. We were gliding next to the trees. The endless “Alföld” is attracting us like it is one of us. And it is so. The flying, the experience, the adventure is only ours! We have to live every moment, every beat of the hooves, every breath! There is nothing else. Just me who is one with the horse, one with the field and one with all the little yellow flowers on it. I am the descending sun, I am one with the grass. I am one with everything. This is the present. Then and There. Live the moment!


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