Stephen Hawking and me

Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest geniuses of our time. We can hear and read this everywhere. Physicist, cosmologist, great mind, great thinker, mathematician, scientist… For me he was first of all human and writer. He was the same human as we.

Stephen Hawking was a man for me, who could explain science on a way that even I could understand. We had a connection because he created the magic which made us all to feel that science is ours also. Because of him not only scientists were privileged to understand the cosmos but ours also.

He was a man who never gave up even if he had very hard life, he was also fully paralyzed! He wrote books, gave lectures, interviews without voice and movement. He was crowned his wisdom with excellent humor.

I think this is why he becomes to my exemplar. Science always interested me, the background, explain of spirituality. And who else could show the connection of these better than he?

I feel to my task that to learn everything and to live my life based on my two exemplar persons knowledge! One is Professor Hawking and the other is Mária Szepes. Strongly, spirituality, looking for all the explanation, the source and use their worldview to look at every living and lively!

Thank you Professor to show the way to the world of science!

I will think you now and ever, when you are flying between the stars around the universe and your tireless soul can research freely!


Special thanks for the last interesting thing what you left behind for us:

pi: 3,14

Birth of Einstein month and day: 3.14

Death of Professor Hawking month and day: 3.14



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