Are you afraid of death?

My brother was here. I like to argue with him beause he is smart and he is good in answers. Reincarnation was discussed. We are like heaven and earth. For me it is natural that we can go from one life to another but he’s opinion is that this is unthinkable. Why is it good for? –asking he.

I think that life is not going by without reason. He thinks that this is okay but nobody knows the reason, the meaning of life!

It can not be too complicated. Can it be just that we all are evolving? Where? How long? Until we do not learn all the recognitions which is obviously creating our happiness and the highest level of knowledge. What is the highest level? Who can tell it? We feel it. We know when we do the maximum in a job. We know where our limits are. Or there are no limits? We born again to pushing the limits and get better and more knowledge –let us say – from ourselfs. From happiness. From the world. Maybe it is never over, we are always evolveing. „A good preist is learning till death.”

If we are talking about preist. I readed it in OSHO’s book and I fully agree with it: Fear from death is an effect of the things they reared in us.

We get to Hell we pay for our mistakes etc. We die and we have only one life! 🙂 I do not believe it. It has no meaning! The one life thing!

I do not think that we have to fear death. We have countless lives. Death is one breath, a small break when we can take our tasks for our next life. Indeed, because every one of our lives makes sense. What is our main goal? To live on this planet like we have happiness and peace keeping in mind. It is a huge task but if we think it through… It is a great goal at the same time.

We do not remember our previous lives because if we know something in advance than we do not have to experience it. We just sit and wait. But there is no such a thing. Everything is in change always they are constantly evolving. This is how it is developed to meet the taken task. Otherwise it is not possible. A chain of events. Sure thing is that if we get off from the road which is leading to our task than life will redirect us. We all experienced this I think: One of my friend meet always that he should teach. He did not liked to be a teacher in this crazy world. He had a dream from childhood and he put the half of his life on it. He reached it but right after he was directed back to his original road. He lost his consciousness while driving a plane as so he was sent back home. Finally he went to a school as a teacher, and he likes it. Later during travels in he`s previous lives he found out that this is the task what he took for his current life. He should teach. There always where and will be peoples who are weaker or stronger than us. We call them helpless, hungry, learner the stronger we call masters. We all have our position in life. We all have our task. If we are more advanced we are able to teach. This is the goal. Always forward to a better world.

I was many times beaten by my father during my childhood. Who is the insane who wants this? Who really liked to get this? It`s me! 😀 How can we know what is good and how good it is if we do not have any benchmark? How, if there is no terrible experience? It is enough to check someone who is born into a rich family. Daddy gives him the BMW and if it is crashed there is no problem he`ll get a new one. What is the happiness in this? Now let us see the old man who has a very old LADA. He blanket it every time, he praises it. This car has a soul –He says. And he is happy, he has joy in it. He is happy to have a car like this. He`s life is more meaningful. Because he knows what he have. If this old man would get a BMW after he`s old LADA dies he will esteem his new car way much more than the rich seedling! We should know the value of things. But how other than we experience the very depth of life? If I weren`t experience what suffer is I could not esteem the good and selfless peoples around me! It is like hill climbing: It is a challenge for body and soul at the same time. And if you reach the top… there is no better feeling!

Why we do not remember anything from our previous lives?

Well I was thinking about it many times. We know that inside we remember. We do not have after-image but feelings we have, senses.

Familiar places, persons who we are already know since a thousand years ago. We have talents which were coming out from “nowhere”. For example when we see a 7 years old girl sings opera like the educated, experienced Opera singer women are doing! Where this talent is coming from? We know. We do not remember because we know it. We do not have to remember. It would be an unnecessary brain work. Our body, mind could not sustain the memories of hundreds of lives. One thing is for sure: we have to pay more attention to our instincts! These are showing the way. There are only left from our previous lives but they are enough to make us sure that we are on a good way or not! 🙂

Of course if someone like me is curious enough is able to go back. I will do it. It is good for many things. A woman is about to divorce but she does not know what to do, should she do it for sure? In one of her previous life she had a same situation, and she decided there. From this she becomes able to make a good decision in the present life. So we can go back with one problem and it can show us a clear view, a solution.

But the emphasis is not on remembrance, looking backward but on improvement!

A good advice for the end: Know what you want and learn to ask for it! –I want to help on others.

You have effects on everyone who you met! –I want to have good affects. No matter how many lives it take, what I have to do because I want to do this.

Death? It is just a little break in this process. 😀


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