Time has arrived for asking for help

I am learning and learn but it gets harder to keep my happiness as I thought. Do I live in impoverished environment? Who knows what the reason is… After my last sense or vision or how I should call it I was so scared that they have completely disappeared. I try to increase my happiness on a higher level which is over my daily small happy feeling… but this is not so easy.

Time has arrived for asking some help. I was asking Gàbor who will bring me to a journey to one of my previous life which is more than I ever imaged. It will be in middle of April. He sad I need a question and we should search solution for a problem…I do not have problems. 😀 I thought it through but I still do not have problems. I have! I got one! I have no clue how and where to continue. I want to develop but now I feel like a sponge in desert. So the idea was born: I got to know what I am capable of. What is the goal? What is the taken task? What is the meaning of this life of me? What should I do for others, for myself…? And so I cannot tell how much I am waiting for April.

But this was not enough… as like most of the time in case of me. 😀 My brother calls it eternal dissatisfaction I call it perfectionism. 😀

I visited a clairvoyant because of the dream, vision and because of the spirits, entities around me. I feel that I have to help them but I do not know how. I tried everything but this is like when a 3 years old child tries to drive a car. And so I visited the clairvoyant, in who I trust. I was at her many years ago. She does not know that I will go to her I was joined to my friend. As she saw me for the first time she said I got talent, gift with I can connect to spirits. I knew it since my childhood but she felt that how much I am afraid of them. She mentioned that I should work with it but I was not taken care about it, the purpose of my visit was something else. After 7 years, time has arrived to be brave and I should handle my gift with servile instead of fear (I think that anyone can do this…) one word more than a hundred I decided to take this course in April also. My master helps me a lot (let us call her Eva in the future) and the day when I will visit her will make in me a big develop.

Currently I am waiting I do meditate and try to increase my happiness level. 🙂

As soon I get some results I will write it down here. 😀


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