EGO – enemy or friend?

We arrived to earth with the basic things what we need for living. We have body, mind and the good old roguish Ego.

Certainly the reader have heard about “little me” and “big me” labels. To be honest I do not take care about this differences Ego is Ego. It is a little false and viperous thing. But this is also a necessary thing for man. Needed by the body and needed for subsistence. I use these words on purpose. Since existing and spirit does not need the Ego. We only need it here on Earth in our body. To stay alive so that we can defend ourselves Ego is needed. Nay. It could be useful, could help to develop. Anywhere I read about Ego they say tread out it, we do not need it this is a bad thing. Well, I think it is not. We just have to realize when we have a need for it and when we do not. It is true that most of the time we do not need it if man start his spiritual way but we still are humans. I do not believe that we are here on this plant to live only as a spirits. I use my Ego. I am not or I try not to feed it but I do not put it away forever. If it is on a good use than, I take it out. During this acting I have to be very careful because Ego is a very sly thing and can mislead me.

My helper Gàbor noticed me for the first time that when I am thinking that I am acting selflessly I cannot be sure that there is no hidden purpose there is no Ego in it… I helped to a lot of people. Selflessly. But it hurts when I do not get it back mostly when I really need it I really need someone. There is nobody around me and I am evoking inside that how much peoples and how many did I helped. I was there for them… Well it is possible that when I was giving it was selfless but in hard times Ego is coming out and selfless becomes a dim shadow. Do I was acting selflessly? Or Ego is a defend system which activates when something hurts or will be painfully?

They say we get back everything: Also good and bad. Do I make good things to get it back? Difficult. It is very difficult to act selflessly. But when a decision is made without Ego it creates a happiness which cannot understand with clear mind. Then I realize that giving is better than receive. I afraid if somebody think that he should be thankfully! Because my will the clean volition will pushed to background and my Ego starts to wake up. I wish I can just give… Or I should learn how to receive if someone gives something to me that it will not become a favors my Ego. Clean. In order to feel this incredible happiness feeling which flows me when this happen. Yes! Down with Ego if there is about helping… about us! If I am do something selflessly than Ego will stay outside. Even accidentally Ego will not show up. It will hide, ashamed! 😀 This is the essence of spirit. The feeling without Ego which is only mine and what I am scattering around the universe. The Joy! That`s all. I start to understand what mothers feel for their children. The children feel for their parents. The pupil feels for his master. What I feel in the light of my spirit for the universe. I start to see when the word “clear” gets meaning. Man letting the control to the spirit while forgetting the prison of the body. He feels that he becomes clean and free. He is getting filled with untouchable clean light. Like when I am hear music and it fills me with happiness it diffuses in my whole body.

Ego is friend and enemy. Importance is on the decision: When we use and when we do not.


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