I have to write it down, I think this is important and if somebody is reading this maybe he can help to solve it.

Some thing as antecedent:

Lately I readed about aware dreaming and I started to practice it. It becomes clear – while my progress is slow – that it works, and it has something in it. During my dream I am aware and I know that this is a dreaming, however I could not control it yet. If I wake up I can go back and look around, etc. in my dream.

The other thing what I have to tell (I think it has connection with my dreams) once on a Saturday morning in the bathroom I saw in the mirror that a spirit was moving at the door. Needless to say I got scared but this was only some kind of hallucination, I was fully awake and this took not only a few seconds. A grey thin shadow it was a littlebit lower than me and somehow I feelt sadness from it. I asked about his name. He answered that he is 14 years old. Somehow I knew I feelt that he is a boy. I did not get used to this, in past there where some smaller symptoms somke-like or snow white shadows. Moreover in my childhood I saw more sharperer spirits, but this time it was rough. I am scared. I do not have good memories with spirits from my childhood I was terrified of them and I feel the same by now. Some of clairvoyant sad that I have amazing talent to see the entitys, making connections with them but I never tried it so directly.

And the vitals:

I had a dream at Sunday.

I was in my grade school. It was spring maybe the grass was green in front of the white bulding. First thing I see was that somebody tried to push the parts of my body upstairs to the loft at the end of upper level passage. Killing me for the second time was in a classroom. The killer was attacking me with a big scissors I felt that hes only goal was to kill me. He cut the vein on my wrist while I was piercing hes left eye with a small scissors (what a crazy dream!) but he get me and he cut my throat through. The next picture was that I am in a classroom which has white tiles sitting on my body parts (it was cutting to pieces) and everything is covered with blood. A group of child was opening the door and when they saw it, one boy gets shocked. After this I saw a tombstone. The year was rotating like the display of an alarm-clock in America. The last two number of the year where rotating and it stopped at the following: 1943-1957.



I woke up here. I tried to fixing every memorys in my head in order no to forget until morning, than I continued my sleeping. I tried to go back to this place. It worked and I could look around in the school but I did not found anybody.

Morning I tried to figure out the meaning of this dream. I could find out on thing: The different of the two year is 14. This is why I think it has some connection with the ghost boy who I saw yesterday.

It looked on Internet for any explanations, but I did not found anything.



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