Great Powers: Religion, Politics and the Money

I am irreligious. Not unbeliever, but irreligious. Each Religion has its particularity, belief system. Although we must believe, I do not argue, but for me to follow only one Religion and believe all of its word is a closed world. It don`t means the freedom but the blind faith. However if a Religion is blind it does not mean good. I want to see. I believe in one thing, the thing which is the safepoint in every Religion: Love! Love as a goal. Love within me. Myself.

I like it very much! If you choose than you are commitmented. If you are commitmented than you have to choose always between good and bad. You choose good or bad. If you handle these situations as an outsider, and you do not choose, you are just watching, than you will learn. Buddha teaching: mind without choice.

A small story about this:

“Thousands where coming to Buddha to ask him:”Where is the God? What is the God?” And specialy the brashims, the pandits, the scientists who where well informed, who knew the Holy Writ, they all are coming to ask: “Do you believe in God? Specify your religion, explain your theory…”

 And Buddha was emphasize again and again that: How can a confused mind understand the road? He sad: “Please do not ask about God. When you ask about God it is like when a blind man asks about light – it is impossible to explain. I`m a doctor who can heal your eyes, I can return your seeing. And so you are able to see it with your own eyes, because you see the light yourself. If I see the light, you`ll still can`t do that. However is see the light, and I can explain it as good as possible, but you will not know what the light is.” We can have helpers there are a lot among our life but they are not Gods, not leaders, and they aren`t priests. They do not belong to any order, we do not have to follow them, they are just show the way for us.”

I think the same. Everyone has to find his own way in himself, I don`t think that I should follow anyone, to be myself. Nay!

Anyway this “God thing”is very interesting, if we think it through, we have a lot of choices.

Imagine a God-store. One-one from each God is on the shelves. Customers can choose from thousands of God`s. You hear from speakers the following JUST FOR YOU: “In the left line you can find Gods of Egypt, in the right line Greek mythology, Monotheism religion –Christianity in the line of Discount goods. On this week free Buddha figurine for every new buyer!”. You can choose. Above each unsing manual is hanging, how and what should you do if you choose Him. They are listing the rules, they tell what, how, and when. Go to church in every Sunday. Follow Jesus. If you observe the Decalogue (another rules) then you go to heaven (side effects: terms, compliance with others) if not you go to hell (side effects: intimidation). Admit it that every religionhas its rules, system, instructions… I ask: Where is the free man? The free will? Choice we have: You can decide where you want to “serve”. And we have not talked about how many religious war, Christian campaign, etc. where so far. Which and what kind of God is sending you into death instead of loving, helping, increasing, developing you? Somehow I do not like it, but of course it is everyones free choice to choose a God, Teacher from the many on the shelves. I was baptize when I was a baby to Greek Catholic, but I`m not Greek and neither Catholic. 😀 As for me, I decided…: Not to go into the shop. 😀 For me it is good outside, and just watching the others. Who and what kind of effects he took from the shop.

If every man is different, no two are the same, how can we think that the same prey, mass, ritual, ceremony fits for everyone? Everyone is different and so their needs are different also. I think we can`t read a book, when we have headache, it is because of this and that, and God says do this and this and it will be pass away. I do not doubt that it has no cultural basis, but it is sure that is should be customized to the person… Eveybody should have different religion: His Own. Himself.

I love when “smart”peoples writing down what you should do to get cleansed, to meditate, etc. They have the basics but if evey man using the same on themselves, don`t tell me that it will work for all of them as the same. Also I don`t think that it depends on that you believe in it or not. We are different. So we are humans with souls. But somewhere we are also one. And so one fact is, that each of them has the same basics, root. Another fact is that everyone develops different, other kinds, so they have a need for something else. We can take the doctrines as basics, but not rules, handle them only for instructions. At least my religion stands in this.

I remember in my childhood we get a small picture from a pitcher from our priest. It was drawn with dotted lines. He said we should take a needle and every time when we make something good we can stave one dot. If we`re around we should say. No one reached around… Since then maybe I reached it, but as I remembered immediately it fall down. The love. I don`t need to go to church in every Sunday to feel love, to find love, to make something good with others. It does not cost anything. We just have to know from where we are coming and where we are heading. We all are small pieces of the Creator and the way itself is the love.

The situation is different with the politics. It took over the control of the world from Chruch. Well, this topic is out of my knowledge and because it has nothing to do with our spiritual development, with our life goal so I don`t want to speak about it too much. Only a citation which I saw few days earlier came to my mind: “If the party elections in every 4 years could change anything, they would not let us to vote!”

And still not the politics, not the religions are the biggest rulers in the history of mankind, it is the money… Everything is about money. It feeds the politics, church, pharmaceutical industry and so on, till everything. And we feed them. By the media our impressionable gray matter is submitting to everything. Eat this, drink that, look out like this and for them you should buy this and that, you have to decide like this. Vote, win, guess, Scratch for money! And we like monkeys are going to make it. This is the free world! Who has money he has no freedom! Who is rich is living in prison. Only rich peoples are familiar with true the stress and restlessness.

I have a good friend who started to work at his fater company few years ago. He rushed after the money he runs after it like a carzy man. He makes it, rush it, collecting the partners, pushing it. He took the caffeine tablets with energy drinks and he drink a café on them at the end. Incredible is what he does. My good friend was not like that in old times, I know him since the beginning, before he got greedy. He is still a sentient being but he want to set aside it for the next ten years to make enough money. He will reach it. He has the ambition what is needed for this goal. But now he can talk only about the business. He can`t think about anything else. He became a prisoner. I feel sorry for him because he lives in captivity in a prison what he built. He has a very stressful and empty life. He`s relations are for business or they are empty. He stands is strong financially base and it will grown in future, but still I`m not envy on him not for a minute.

“Today`s man is in a special situation: old religions lost their strength, credibility and the new religion is not arrived yet. –a gap emerged. And man can`t live without religion, there is always a need for religion. (…) True religion takes to perfect silence where you are going to lose your hypnotic innervations. It takes you over every mind and ideology. It takes you over every holy writings and all knowledge. With it you get to the final silence of your inward where you don`t know anything and all your act is coming from this “non-known” status, it starts from the innocence status. If the stating point is innocence, than your acts will have some special beauty. This is the meaning of virtue.”

OSHO: “In a corrupt world, man can`t following anything else but his heart! Not his father, mother neither power or upbringing, not the social law or the school even not his healer preist, not any kind of ideology, expectation, politics, morale –only he`s own conscience! Every advice, precept, order which comes from outside of our heart should be examined! Otherwise we will become an owl and we will tu-whoo!”

Peter Muller: “Money and success are not changing the men they are only strengthening his exsisting features.”

Will Smith: “I think I can finally declare it: My opinion is that everyone is here on his own responsibility for experiencing, developing. Not to rush money, getting power. Decide is everyone`s own business. But trust me: lesson will hit your head until you don`t understand it and finally you will understand from it.”

What would be without money? What would be if it would not be at all? Interests would exist still instead of money it would be f.e. barter. But if it also don`t exists? If we glorify the today`s trend self-sufficiency? Maybe it would be the best. Who knows? What is a perfect world? This, like everything else is also totallz different for each person… Also for me a perfect world exists.


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