Feelings, intuitons, facts

Judith Orloff pszyhologist wrote several books in this topic. The 5 main thoughts by her I would like to share:

1. Signs of body: The goose-skin, if someone is standing next to you. Felt like frog in the throat. Cold is running through your back. You feel cold, hot on some part of your body. These are very important. We have to pay more attention to it.

2. Deja vu: When a situation is not just familiar but we once experienced it. We know what will happen next, we recognize the already happened event.

3. Simultaneity: You think on someone and at the same time your phone rings, he calls you. You say a word and in that moment the same thing sounds in the tv. You croon a music in the shop, and the next track in the radio is the same. Let us think trough the meaning of these.

4. Clairvoyance: Orloff says, sometimes it happens that we felt, saw some happenings which is happening right now but somewhere else, somewhere far away from us. Sometimes family members, couples feel the others feeling even if they are far away from eachother.

5. Intuitive empathy: Identify myself with the feelings of other peoples. The Ability of empathy. Someone coming to us with smile on his face, but we have bad feelings, and we run away. I noticed in my dog, however she yap rarely on peoples, but she does it on persons who are not obnoxious for me. She somehow felt something bad. The senses of animals are remarkable.

Below are my experiences and all above mentioned 5 basic feelings can be found there. Here I have mention that this post will be a continuously expanding one. I would like to collect all my special intuitions here.

Own experience 1:

I was walking on the street in hurry to somewhere, and in my peripheral part a light blue car suddenly crashed with another car. Without any sound. I looked there, but of course there was nothing. While moving further the same scene was happened again but this time the blue car was crashed into a house, without sound again. When I turned there, there was nothing again. I started to wondering, my brain started shaking about the meaning of this. As I was thinking two men was coming towards me. They talked and I watched them for a moment only, than I was lost in my thoughts. As we was next to each other, one of them came to me, I can say he almost knocked me down, if I was not wearing my flat sole shoe than I`ll step on street, where a car was rushing with 60 km/h. Man are worry about their small values in this situation. I check my pocket, my bag do I have everything or the guy robbed me. Nothing was missing. Then I understand 🙂 The two visions in my peripheral part was a warning. :-).

(the next two points where described in a previous post, but for collecting them in one place, I write them again)

Own experience 2:

One in the morning I saw a picture during shopping. The picture was the following: I hold my phone in my hand and an e-mail was open in it, perfectly readable: “I`m in hospital”. Wow –I thought – I have to take care on myself in the next days, lest that be the end. 2 days later I get this e-mail from a friend of mine. On the same way, the mail had only this in it, exactly the same as I saw in my head. I did not notice that I did not write it, I just noticed the picture. So I learned from this also. 🙂

Own experience 3:

With one of my friend we met almost every Sunday evening, but it was not regular, we was not discussed it advance, always on that day, or some days before the meeting. One Sunday I was planning my afternoon, the mentioned friend was not giving a sign, so probably he is busy. So I thought I will take a bath at evening, with candles, and I`ll relax a little bit. Just I was thinking it out, kicked in (I don`t have better word for it) that Ouch that is not good, because Gàbor will call me at six to discuss the evening meeting. I don`t know how this comes, but it comes. So I reorganized my afternoon. I prepared popcorn in the micro oven, two glasses and a movie, I had a feeling that we will have lust for a movie. (Still I don`t need to know that Gàbor will come or not, moreover we did not talked so I really could stay at my bath…). And at afternoon my phone was ringing. I picked up, it was Gàbor. I have to say here that we almost never talked on phone, only on chat we talked, so that he will “call” should not turned in my head. We discussed that he will come, and he liked the idea of film watching… I was a little bit nervous because he called me one hour earlier. Later it was revealed that my sense of time was wrong, it was 6:14 p.m.

Own experience 4:

I only remember that I was not thinking of anything and inside I was unclouded and happy. I walked. It happened twice that simply like something lifted me up, something limitless happiness I felt and for a few moments I saw myself from above around 2 meter high. I still do not know what was this, what provoked, but I do know that it felt amazing.

Own experience 5:

I was on a trip with my friend, he was driving, we talked. The speech was stalled where he mentioned that he broke up with his girlfriend and he do not want to deal with this anymore. My hearth would like to ask him the following, but I do not dare to say it, I don`t want to hurt him, I did not know how he will like it. But he answered…

-But… why is it good for you if you keep up with relationships like neither with you nor without you? –I was thinking!

Answer was arrived for the “nothing”:

-Yeah, that`s not good… 😀 That is why I closed it finally.

I had to think through again, did I sad it loud or not, but don`t…

Own experience 6:

I was thinking on my mother, we talked a long time ago, I did not know that she was working or not, I decided to call her at evening time. I have not finished my thoughts yet and my phone was rang, my mother called me.

Own experience 7:

I noticed the following during Dog walking. A very nice friend who passed away long ago came into my mind. With pain in my heart I was thinking on him, on that beautiful, silent fall morning. The wind did not swing no one was on the streets. My dog began to look at tree. It was 15 meter away from us. There were closer ones, a full line of trees, but he looked on that one. In that moment when I was looked on the tree too, the tree shifted like a wind blow moved it. And the letters where fallen down like laburnum. And then the next tree came and so the laburnum “came” towards me, brought de letters which were dancing around me. Suddenly I got a so amazing feeling which I can`t describe. How it came so this scene was gone. Some letter which were still falling showed me that this was made only for me. I knew who sent it. 🙂 It made my day.

Own experience 8:

During a chat with my colleagues, where we talked about different kind of alcohols, especially about wine and whiskey we talked. I looked at my colleague and I thought that Irish whiskeys have no match. At the same moment he said the following: ”therefore Irish whiskeys have no match!”. Suddenly in my shock I did not found even the correct words. 😀

Own experience 9:

With my brother I do love discuss about one-one topic because he is an intelligent partner to all topics. One afternoon a topic has emerged that peoples are killing the weaker ones with on purpose. Is this a conspiracy or a real thing, if it is than why? Somehow from AIDS virus we ended up at Bill Gates, because he is so rich that he has left to long for the eternity. Or more accurately, to a world where aren`t illnesses, weak peoples… We discussed it deeply, I`m flexible, I like to check all sides of a topic, but my brother was holding his opinion. And he proves it at many ways. He went home so we closed the topic with “next time we continue it” motto. Miracle of miracles next day on a social page I found an article whit the following title: “Why is on agenda the global population control?” Reading trough the article I got surprised: they mentioned viruses, weak peoples and Bill Gates. 😀

Ever since I was running a diary, here it would be too much to share. Let it be a small preview to what you can experience, or let it a guide to show that I`m on a good way after you. 🙂


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