Intuitions and the knowledge

“The most value thing is intuition.”-Albert Einstein

The brain receives a lot of information what we will not receive on knowingly level: pictures, sounds, sings. These are glide next to use under a fraction of second. They are not so important to leave some conscious trace in us, but on the “shelf” of our memory they are retained, and so they provide help to make our “Sixth sense” working.

Woman is superciliously leading against men: For them 12-15 brain segments are activated to one-one stimulus while in case of men this number is only 5-6.

In case of woman the connection of the two side of the brain is better so the cooperation between logic and feelings are more effective. At men many times the “gear is going to jam” if they are out of rational arguments. Woman can tune easily to the small vibrations of the world around them: this ability is available at small children just like the older woman. (…) 100 billion is the number of brain cells which are confronting the newly achieved experiences with the previously stored ones. Not accidental that from 83 Nobel prized natural scientist and doctors are 72 marked intuition as the component of his success.”

Everyone has intuitions. We can call it to woman insight, Sixth sense, inspiration, anything, but they exists.

Now when our world begins a new era these intuitions, becomes stronger. Surely you experienced it. Personally I pay more attention for that, I try to catch them, if you like.

Countless thoughts, feelings, pictures are running in our head every minute in every day. I tried to slow down these thoughts. There are meditation practices, every kind of techniques but I still say that anyone can give us advice, can write down exactly how and what should be done, but I go after my head and heart. Among other things I do not share any advices here because everyone FEEL and KNOWS exactly what is good for him, if he pay attention to that certain inner sound, the intuition. He will know how to complete his tasks as I did instinctively how to silent down the whirling thoughts in my head. I imaged as a film roll is running fast, than I started to slow it down.

This is my movie, I sad, it is rolling in my head, and now I will slow it down. It worked. Unawares. When the thoughts where whirling in my head then this movie scene comes to my mind, and I thought that it could be good to think as fast as fast I speak. Slowly or at normally speed. 😀 Finally most of the cases I managed to catch the thoughts and I started to unpack them as a spitball:

What means what, what is the meaning, why did it come to my mind… I dealt with my feelings, with the suddenly come up ideas, even if the seemed insignificant at first.

Naturally if I slow down my mind it slows down my body also. In this crazy, rushing, stressful world we are running even it is not necessary. I forgot what relax, calm was. Now I learned! 🙂 Nothing is running away. Everywhere I went I started a few minutes earlier, but I was not rushing. I have considered everything. I made it slowly, so my mind was in harmony with my body. A good feeling was taken over me. Some kind of inner peace. And the power word gained new meaning. I controlled myself. Not the system controlled me, not the bus timetable, not the work but I did! I had power over myself, not other but me! 😀

A word more than hundred my movement becomes moderated and my brain becomes clearer. The intuitions become sharper!

One of the best I would like to share (Although I will list them up in the next post, and I’ll keep it update):

One in the morning I saw a picture during shopping. The picture was the following: I hold my phone in my hand and an e-mail was open in it, perfectly readable: “I`m in hospital”. Wow –I thought – I have to take care of myself in the next days, lest that be the end. 2 days later I get this e-mail from a friend of mine. On the same way, the mail had only this in it, exactly the same as I saw in my head. I did not notice that I did not write it, I just noticed the picture. So I learned from this also. 🙂 . As they say. I was thinking trough what would be if we don`t realize when the things are “happened again”, but we are watching on our intuitions or on these pictures, and I try to keep, remark them. In a company I knew exactly who and what will say in the next 2 minutes. Almost it amused me as I was mumbling under my nose the upcoming sentences. I knew who and how will react. It was funny actually. 🙂

Let`s see the knowledge part of these. I think these are also intuitions, I`ll place some scientific explanation in this post. I distinguish intuitions and knowledge. The intuitions are connected with a lot of emotions inside of me, and knowledge is noticed as a fact by me.

An example for KNOWLEDGE: With one of my friend we met almost every Sunday evening, but it was not regular, we was not discussed it advance, always on that day, or some days before the meeting. One Sunday I was planning my afternoon, the mentioned friend was not giving a sign, so probably he is busy. So I thought I will take a bath at evening, with candles, and I`ll relax a little bit. Just I was thinking it out, kicked in (I don`t have better word for it) that Ouch that is not good, because Gàbor will call me at six to discuss the evening meeting. I don`t know how this comes, but it comes. So I reorganized my afternoon. I prepared popcorn in the microwave oven, two glasses and a movie, I had a feeling that we will have lust for a movie. (Still I don`t need to know that Gàbor will come or not, moreover we did not talked so I really could stay at my bath plan…). And at afternoon my phone was ringing. I picked up, it was Gàbor. I have to say here that we almost never talked on phone, only on chat we talked, so that he will “call” should not turned in my head. We discussed that he will come, and he liked the idea of film watching… I was a little bit nervous because he called me one hour earlier. Later it was revealed that my sense of time was wrong, it was 6:14 p.m.

So this is what I call: Knowledge. Because it is clean and understand able and factual. I add, that at the beginning of the blog I was mentioned, I`m not a well qualified spiritualist, so what I`m writing now is what I thinking NOW. Maybe there are better explanations, other meanings, but now I define the things what happened with me like above.

And now let`s have some scientific note also:

Intuition is from the Latin “intueri” word. Meaning: Seeing in inside or able to see into something. It means the knowledge beyond the logic or the instant sensation. Each and every man has this talent, some have it stronger and some in weaker. Stress and fears are reducing the strength of intuitions.

“The scientist of Washington university in St. Louis are referred the a brain segment which works as an emergency alarm, and helps with pondering the sings around us to turn our behavior for an emergency situation. Animals who survived a tsunami in the near past –rescuers did not found any dead animal – and the aborigines clan where more sensitive for this emergency signals, and they are saved from the disaster thanks for this. The cortical called anterior cingulate (ACC) scientist noticed earlier that some activities when someone had to choose between options which are excluding each other, or he made some mistake. But now they came that the brain segment learns when the person make a mistakes before he make the decision. And so it warn us to the negative effect of our behavior – if we are “listening” on it among others we choose cautious.

Sense above our organ which is a research area of parapsychology, we know more and more. About a hundred and fifty years ago science started to interested to this, first of all due to existence of mediums. Mediums where transmitting such an information, from which they did not have any knowledge, and their origins where shown over logic and organ sense. Sense above organ are most of the time affecting us on unconscious, so they are built into our decisions subconsciously. Outstanding talents –prophets, mediums – are good to translate these things into words or rather they are talented to bring from unconscious to aware.

“Otherwise scientists are convict the idea of intuition however there are some who are working with this.”

I think that yes, inner voice is exists, which are sense the future the now and the past. There are Angel messages also or called whisper of god. Telepathy is live also which can be sensed, but until our “receivers” are not clear and punctual until we feel it like a feeling.

In order to make these pictures, intuitions stronger I think it is good if:

1., we are clear with our self.

2., I calm down everything around me.

For this was meditation a very big help.


Love, Emese.


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