About everyday meditation in a few minutes

Probably many of you have already tried meditation. I have already written a bit about this topic in one of my previous entries, and my own experience is that if we really want to dig deep and want to meditate to discover ourselves we do have to prepare. And for this, you need time. But we don’t have time.

Usually I light a joss stick, make silence, and make relative darkness etc. But the most important is that You have to have at least two hours from your day for this. I must say, I’m a busy woman, to put it mildly…And I think I’m not alone with this. But a little peace of mind is always necessary so I put a lot of short meditations divided into my day if I don’t have time for more. The continuous lack of time inspired these short meditations, and I hope that lots of you will do it, too! The most important thing is: Don’t think! Though, when I do this I’m already so tired that I don’t feel like thinking.  I just want to drift along with the tide of my thoughts.


How many times do we glance at the clock a day? Based on my own observations we do it at least 50 times… We don’t even recognize it, but we depend on time. This is unavoidable in this world. We go to work, bring the children to school, go to the club, meet our friends in a planned time. Everything is organized based on time. Is this the basis of earthly existence? Time is important. Very important. But sometimes it’s so nice to have a little rest. Just five minutes, but that five minutes should recharge and put me at ease. Is it possible? Yes! It is possible!

If you meditate, time doesn’t exist…space and time dissolves. There is only emptiness. I close my eyes (or I just gaze into space with a blank look) and imagine a clock’s pendulum. It’s moving to and fro. Like I do it in during the whole day. It is restless, it never stops. It’s rhytmical, punctual and orderly. Iwonder whether I can stop it. Yes… Slowly it’s stopping right in the middle. The time has stopped and I remove the clock. Slowly I let it go up into the universe. It vanishs, melts away (or explodes, as you wish). There is no need for it anymore. Only the endless darkness remains. The silence. Timeless, deep silence. I’m in the space now among may stars. No time, no voice, no space exists here. I just hover. My body is light as a snowflake. I gonna find myself here. Nothing disturbs me anymore. I just enjoy the calmness. I think of my loved ones, of beautiful things that I have lived through. I think of beautiful scenes. I understand that I have already reached, seen, loved these things. I smile. I open my eyes and go further. Calmly, without the help of medicines, full with energy, without drugs. Smiling because I know that I control my life.


By the way, right now I’m sitting next to a busy road when I’m doing this meditation and write about it to you! It is possible, really! It’s quite easy! There is too much noize to pay attention to all. A chirping cricket under my window would disturb me much more than all this noize. If something is too much, you automatically shut it out from your mind: self protection mechanism…

My dear Reader! Give it a try! During the breaktime at your workplace, when traveling home or before starting your work. Or even at home when the family and the things to do are too much for You. I hope I could help You!


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