Hell, purgatory, heaven – There are still miracles

It is hard for me to set myself to write these lines. It is because the events accelerated so much recently that I can only toss my head. But one thing is sure and clean: I could describe my life so far with three words… In chronological order: hell, purgatory, heaven. And what will be next? It seems that the series of miracles continues. For example: I will publish my book titled: 50 steps to Happiness (in hungarian), that is the first volume of the two-volumed book: Happiness is in You.

If I had to explain to an average man how these things happened I would say:  Yes, my friend! Every day, I’m having first-hand experiences of this endless happiness that I’m preaching you about! I’m experiencing the knowledge that I would like to hand over you. In my book, in my blog, everywhere I profess what I’m living through, what is me. Many people know in thier mind, they realize what they should do to make their miserable, terrible, usual life better.  But they are unable to do it. Of course there are people who take certain steps: consciously reading, using mind control, believing blindly in everything in which their mind can catch. Their mind which is perfectly knows what to do. But even these things won’t give them lasting solution. Why?



Because people need love. The heart must be also opened together with the mind. And nobody will teach you how to do this, only Life. Well, I have good news for you my dear Reader! The Life has been teaching me and I was listening carefully. I was thinking a lot and felt even more. And I wrote the whole thing in my book but not in a narrative way, not to show you another success story so then you would look at your own life and feel horrified. I wrote my book about You too. I won’t tell you what to do, but I will tell you how to do it. The solution that will open your heart and you’ll get to know brand new ways that lead you to perfect happiness is in the book. You have to prove with uncommon excersises that you will take the first step then the others towards your happiness. I know you will succeed! You will succeed this time! Because I believe in you!

The book and my knowledge helped lots of people. There were young men, older people, divorcing people, children, people who are susceptible to aggressiveness, friends, acquaintances who believed their life to be happy but something was missing.Therefore, I take the liberty to publish what I have been writing to you for a year.

It seems that the book will be a big success. English translation is in plan, and according to the previous survey number of inquirers amount to several thousands only in Hungary!

It’s sequel is under preparation, I plan to publish it in 2017. That one will be a more spiritual approach towards happiness.

If we talk about spirituality, the purpose of this blog was to describe my way from Hell. Even I did not expect to meet such new things on my way that put things in another perspective.  Relationships, secrets, beautiful recognitions accompanied my last 3 years and now I’m finally here. I can see the signs, I know my task, and I know that I can reach anything in life because I deserve it! I believe in a world I live in. This is the beautiful relation of faith and knowledge. This will be the theme of my next book because there is nothing I don’t want to impart. The joy, the keys of happiness, the spiritual perfection and everything I want to impart to those who need them and want them. This is one of my life’s main purpose. And I’m gonna fulfill it!

You Have a beautiful day!


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