The hunger inside. In other words: the spiritual diet

I have read a book recently, titled: OSHO – Wisdom of innocence. I didn’t make peace with neither OSHO nor his ideas, nor his lifestyle itself, but it is a fact that he has wise thoughts and not just a few! It is such a book again –and such a writer- from which you have to find and pick the thoughts that you find really smart. Don’t make the mistake of believing everything, especially if you find any contradiction! In case of OSHO there are quite a few contradictions. However, there was a story in this book that touched me deeply. He talks about a rose and beautiful things and I would add the feeling of love. At the end of the story you should remember this, Dear Reader!

„Though Buddha rejected ascetism, he did not speak against it much; he couldn’t, because the people’s heads – who he had to talk to- were filled with ancient doctrines and ideologies. He had to talk to people who would not understand anything from his message if he had talked to them like I’m talking now. Often, even today’s people do not understand me. Two thousand five hundred years have passed but people got stuck. It is very rare to meet a real man of the day. People are in the 20th century but only physically. Spiritually they are thousand years behind. Buddha could not even attempt it. He told his closest apprentices: „I have not reached it through asceticism…but by rejecting asceticism. Because ascenticism is nonsense.”

He says: The fool is fasting for months in vain. His food is like a leaf of grass but yet he is not worth a dump compared to the master whose food is the way.”

If you would like to have a real transformation, your food should be the dhamma – the way to God. Jesus says: „Eat me!”. He says to his apprentices: „Drink me! Swallow and digest me…!”.

Buddha says: ….whose food is the way. The way means: dhamma, religion, the final law, the one that keeps the world in harmony. One will arrive if his food is harmony and not if he fasts. Not severe food deprivation but eating this invisible food is necessary for it. Yes, there is such invisible food. If you see a rose, just keep watching it for long; let the beauty of the rose penetrate into you and you will feel that it is nurturing you. It’s not the rose you’re eating, but something invisible, untouchable, that surrounds the rose; it is the aura of the rose, the dance of the rose in the wind, it is its invisible scent. Have you felt anything like this? When you see a beautiful flower and suddenly feel satisfaction and fullness. When you look upon the starlit sky..don’t you feel how nutrient it is? When you are watching the sunrise or sunset, or listening to a distant bird singing..don’t you feel that you are filled with something unknown?

Your body needs food but your soul also does. The food for your body is a rough thing of material origin. Obviously. Since the body itself is also rough and of material origin. The spiritual food is invisible – but it is there in music, in poetry, in beauty, in dance, in songs, in prayer, in meditation…the deeper you go, the more you will find it.

Buddha says: You won’t reach the truth by severe food deprivation and starvation but by eating the way. It is a strange way to express it: eating dhamma. What is dhamma?



Just the other day, sombody asked me in a mail: „Master, I really like it when you say: es dhammo sanantano, but what does it mean exactly?” It means the harmony of existence, the melody of existence, the endless dance of existence.  It means the omnipresent feast. The trees, the bushes, the birds, the animals, the rivers, the mountains are celebrating… This whole existance is made of the „material” that is called: blessed happiness.

 (…) Any time when happiness spreads over you, you are not able to eat. When the happiness of salvation is overflowing in you, no space remains in you even for food – you won’t be hungry! Not just your soul is full but your soul’s state starts to have an effect on your body too. Your body is the shade of your soul.

It may be surprising, but unhappy people always eat more than happy people. Unhappy people feel themselves so empty that they want to stuff themself with something –it doesn’t matter with what – just to ease the emptiness. It seems that the easiest way is to go to the fridge and take out some more food, thinking that you will feel full if you eat it. And on a rough physical level you will become full, but that’s all. The hunger inside remains. „

I think, if somebody fails repeated diets it has mental reasons, and first in his/her soul has to be put in order not in his/her body. Because if your soul is not hungry neither will your body be and your body will recover by itself through your soul’s projection. The writings above – beyond calling your attention to the importance of soul- are true in case of illnesses too…You just have to watch a happy man! Is he/she healthy? Is his/her skin fine? Is he/she pretty? Yes… Not because he/she is sitting all day long in a spa. No…It is because his soul is happy and his/her body – the cover of the soul – conforms to it.


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