Orgasm- The Nirvana of everyday life

Nirvana is one of the main ideas of Indian religions. Shramanas (Indian wandering monks) think that Nirvana is the release from suffering. With positive words (the forth part of the Four Seal) : supreme happiness, peace.


Orgasm is equivalent to Nirvana, generated by psychical stimuluses ,through which we can get a glimpse of the feeling of Nirvana for a few moments. I think. And fortunately, I’m not alone with this view.

Love and fear are two basic feelings. Love, real love is when you feel love toward others and you feel their love toward you. You can feel this from a leaf on a tree to strangers, to your own children, etc. Everything that is good feeds from this.

In the moment of orgasm, the soul is setting free, leaving fear, the body and the ego behind. It simply loves. This state can be reached also by keeping ourselves permanently in the feeling of love. This means loving everything. At first it may sound less difficult than impossible! But it is possible! I have tried it too! I have tried to understand everyone and everything, tried to find the good in them and love them. Get into their skin, being a tree branch in winter and summer, feel that I’m giving warmth as the Sun does, and experience the most terrible things. From the above mentioned leaf to the cold-blooded murderer I have tried to put them under the same heading and I have tried to understand the SYSTEM. Through this, lots of things have become clear to me. Ego must be completely suppressed for this. There are no prejudices, former experiences, offendedness, vengefulness, pain, passion, desire. On this level there is nothing else but love that is based on understanding and without any pain. It is terribly hard! And maintaining this state is really almost impossible. But I could do it quite well.


When I practised the “based on love life” I have asked myself the question many times: isn’t this just a swindle? Don’t I lie to myself? Is this self-deception?  I have examined every question, checked them from every angle, but in many cases, instead of explanations (excluding Ego) I listened to my heart and intuitions only. Sometimes I was just floundering in this beautiful feeling. It’s as if we would call the see with it’s salty water love. It keeps you afloat if you bare your body and soul and venture to enter it. You can bathe and relax in it. You can entrust yourself to the feeling. After a while, you will understand the waves, the life living in the deep, the sky, the storm. You can feel everything because everything is You.

If you exist permanently in the feeling of love, orgasm can be reached without physical signs. Our soul can dance ethereal only in the white flames of the blazing, endless love in our heart. Only this remains. No physical signs, only the feeling itself. My dear reader! Before you ask me the question…Yes. Yes, I could reach this state. First the wave reached my soul unexpectedly (and in the most inappropriate time and place). I have been up and down at the same time. I have dived deep and flew towards the sky. I could feel everything that is beautiful in this world all at once. At the second time I had to work a lot to feel it again. Yet, I can not feel it whenever I want but I’m able to reach it if I don’t do anything else just love again and again…

Luminokaya_The Rainbow Room_3_signature


I think Nirvana is kind of this feeling or  very similar to it. According to certain religions Nirvana is deserved by those who have already experienced everything that exists. EVERYTHING that exists. Every sorrow, pain, joy and miracle. For this reason I can not agree with that statement that we come to this world to suffer. It is said, that this life is like a punishment. But it’s not. It can not be! We came to this world to gather experience. Good and bad experiences too. This is my opinion. And yes…at the end of the path Nirvana awaits.

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