Frequency and energy

Dear Reader!

I hope you can forgive me that in the following I’ll be quoting and not trying to summarise science in my own words. The articles, documents below sum up the essence of it all perfectly, I’ll just add my own experience and journey to the description. But to do that, first I feel it’s my obligation to present you with the basics. So this post will be a little bit long, but I think it is important to write these things down.

“In the 20th century it was already scientifically proven that every living thing and inanimate object, organ and cell has a certain type of frequency. In the past 10-15 years with the help of numerous registered inventions, the beneficial effects of these wavelengths have been utilised in various medical equipment and other tools. There are electromagnetic watches and pillows, diagnostic machines, therapeutic devices for the treatment of pets, and colour therapy has also become a popular choice. Even fashionable iPhone devices are equipped with programs that have a calming effect or are able to enhance your mood, be it a single frequency or a meditation tune. Our body is made up of billions of tiny particles. These particles vibrate against each other and form waves that ripple through the human body. In connection with this we can talk about electromagnetic objects. Already in the ‘30s quantum physicists like Albert Einstein and Werner Heisenberg realised that matter appears in two forms: one is electromagnetic particles, the other is the electromagnetic waves. This study flipped our image of the world we have known by far upside down. The law of frequency, written by Kurt Tepperwein. This law states that everything is in motion, nothing is ever still, as everything vibrates constantly. Energy and matter are manifestations of vibration simply of different frequency. Even the cells of the most solid-looking object are vibrating, and this also applies for light and heat and energy.

Every thought, every feeling, every wish or resolution vibrates at a different frequency and their effect depends on their strength and content. Similarly, everything you sense and perceive and imagine has a certain effect on you. (…)


There is never a single vibration, but everything vibrates in many ways at the same time and thus creates a one-of-a-kind whole. There is not a single object that wouldn’t vibrate, just as there is no object with only one frequency. Everything is connected to everything and as such they bear influence over each other. This means that every vibration is simultaneously a cause and also an effect of a previous cause. Every frequency translates into a sound, a colour, a shape, and so on. (…) We all possess energy, otherwise we could not live. This energy could be expressed in physical strength, health, or through one’s aura. With your energy you are capable of literally captivating someone. The word energy is of Greek origin and means the force of an action. In physics energy is defined as “force times distance”. We use energy when we work, walk, or relax, and even thinking takes up energy.

Energy can’t be produced nor obliterated, only its form can be changed. Electrical energy can be converted into light or heat. Albert Einstein said that matter can also be converted into energy, and energy back into matter, as matter is simply one of the many manifestations of energy.

Everything that exists on Earth gains energy from the Sun. Plants store solar energy as chemical energy, which will be used by humans or animals later on. Every cell has its own “power plant” called mitochondria which makes this process possible. Food is broken down to its components as a reaction to oxygen, and the energy stored within is thus released. Some part of it is used by the body for regeneration, and we perceive the remaining part as strength or body heat. If we focus this energy to a single point, strength can be magnified.

This is what makes it possible to accomplish nearly anything, if you focus your energy on one goal.

Thoughts have the power to mobilise spiritual energy. The energy that remains activated over a long time becomes visible. Every thought has both a biochemical and bioelectric effect. You think approximately fifteen-thousand thoughts a day, most of which are insignificant, useless, or often downright negative. Thoughts however become actions. Negative thoughts are followed by negative actions. If you can change the directions of your thoughts, you will be able to change your whole life. The immediate biochemical and bioelectric effects of your thoughts can be proven quite easily: imagine that you bite into a lemon. You cut it in half, and take a bite happily – and just as you think that, your subconscious starts to produce more salvia in order to compensate the citric acid. Every single thought of yours triggers a bodily as well as an emotional reaction. The condition of acting right and consciously is to discipline, to control your thoughts. The higher the vibration of the energy you use, the graver the consequences are, if it’s used inappropriately, be it conscious or unconscious use. (…) In short, it is not the matter that is the most important, but the structure of the mind, the spiritual structure, which is called consciousness in case of humanity. We all are of pure conscience according to our true self. And as we are able to think, we have to take responsibility in the act of creation. The one spirit that we call God is able to work through all of us. Creation is perfect but it is not yet finished, it is constantly in motion – through us. Your every thought changes creation a bit. If you only observe the surface, you might not find similarities, only when you recognise the ancient substance that we all share, that shaped us all. The word substance itself gives you a hint: sub means below and stare means to stand. So the meaning of substance is to stand below something, to be subjected to something more real. Everything came to being from this one substance, and all that has materialised is also a sign. This true substance is available to you everywhere and it is ready to take the desired form any creator wills it into. The shape you give your thoughts is pushed into this substance and compels it to materialise. Life only says YES!!!

So why don’t we just tell life what to create for us? Whatever you think of, it has to manifest itself. The power of creation in you is activated by faith and forces the energy to manifest itself in a form you wish. You can achieve anything you think of. Only your own thoughts and beliefs can limit you. If you open yourself up, widen your thoughts and beliefs, you can break down any limits, and everything becomes possible and you can delete the word impossible from your vocabulary. Thinking is what distinguishes humans from other living things. Humans can shape their energy into actions through their thoughts.

All was born from the same force, and consists of the force that makes the atoms vibrate and pull together. We have to assume that this force is an unknown spirit who is the original creator of everything. True reality is not the visible but evanescent matter, but the spirit behind it.”

Matter is energy and energy is no other but the acts of a conscious mind. So I think this short passage describes quite perfectly what energy and vibration are, what thoughts are. We are them. We can change the course of our thoughts and so can we change our lives. I haven’t become a millionaire yet, nor haven’t I found the meaning to life, but that doesn’t mean that they are not on their way towards me. 🙂 For a long time it wasn’t exactly clear to me why it is actually good to increase the level, the frequency of one’s vibration. What is it good for? Hm. I was looking for a proper explanation for a long time…

“Anything that exists and manifests itself as something, is observed to vibrate and move at a definite frequency.”

Everything that exists in macrocosm vibrates to a specific rhythm. Even an object that appears to be motionless, like a stone, is actually vibrating at a specific frequency. (…) By increasing the frequency of your conscious mind you are able to wake such strength and abilities in yourself you had no knowledge of before. You literally wake the goodness of humanity in yourself and thus become a remedy to others – and a blessing to the world. Every melody, spoken sound, written sign or symbol has its unique frequency. Just as your devices and tools, clothes, furniture, house, environment all have their unique frequency. These vibrations have way more influence on people than you would think. One of the conditions of spiritual development is increased frequency, which proves to be highly helpful when establishing a harmonious environment.

Based on various kinesiology tests, measurements and calibrations, a chart was created, which demonstrates the mind’s level from 1 to 1000 in accordance to its level of frequency. Level 1 is equal to the lowest of a human being and 1000 represents a level of mind similar to that of Jesus Christ. On the lower levels of the mind’s frequency, people possess very little vigour or vitality, and so – often unconsciously – drain their environment of energy (energy vampires), or even mother Earth. Once one reaches level 200, they come to an equilibrium of energy, where they do not draw energy from their surroundings, but don’t provide it with any either. Above this, the level of energy increases exponentially and you can experience wonderful things. You practically become an antenna that radiates benevolent vitality upon its environment. Here are a few examples to the steps of the lower levels: 20-shame, 30-guilt, 50-apathy, 75-sorrow, 100-fear, 125-yearning, 150-anger, 175-pride, 200-courage. Here begins the zone of revelations and results, tenacity and resolution. When you view life from the lower levels, it appears to be a hopeless, miserable, scary place full of frustration. But from the level of courage life becomes exciting, challenging and stimulating. Courage means a willingness to try new things and to shoulder the trials of life bravely. The higher levels include: 250-impartiality (free of judgement), 310-willingness (it means that one has overcome their defiance against life and rather has become committed to participate in it). 350-acceptance (on this level a significant change takes place as soon as one comprehends that they are the source and also the creator of the experience called life). 400-rationally (abstract concepts becomes more and more important and one can perceive information of great complexity and amount. One is able to make good decisions quickly, is able to perceive connections and the scale of things in detail, and is able to use symbolism easily). 500-love. Love is a state of being: attitude toward life becomes forgiving, nurturing and supportive. Love is not of intellectual nature and doesn’t originate from the mind, but shines from the heart. As the intentions in love are pure, it is able to help others ascend and achieve greatness. 540-joy. As love becomes more and more unconditional, one feels more and more inner joy that is present at all times, beams from every moment of existence and which comes from within. 600-peace. Self-accomplishment, or godly awareness is extremely rare: one in ten-million reaches it. The levels between 700 and 1000 are the different states of enlightenment. As the scale of FORCE grows logarithmically, only one avatar of level 1000 would be enough to counterbalance the negativity of mankind as a whole.

As the article says everything has its own energy and frequency! Even one piece of wood. I immediately started thinking about how to best use this, but that comes later…

If you scatter a grainy material on a vibrating surface, it begins to form a mandala due to various frequencies. The frequencies (Solfeggio frequencies):


the more I read about this, the more I come across the topic that the transcendence of Earth and humanity has already begun. More and more people can feel it, this energy. Curiosity drives us to uncover what the REASON could be! The reason that our intuition is sharper and stronger, that we want to give and receive more and more love, that a peculiar feeling gets hold of us ever so often. We can feel that something is changing. Many – just like me – are searching for this reason, we try to absorb as much knowledge as possible, we thirst for explanations and development! There are some though, who are afraid of changes. I have met some who are like that. There were some whom I could help by increasing my and their frequency as well, but there were some who were past helping or were yet to accept any help. This might seem selfish, but I think I should tend to myself first before I go around giving advice to anyone. I have to understand what’s going on in the world and in me. I don’t want anything to influence my development, so I focus on good things, I improve myself and others too. I’m trying to exude as high a frequency as I’m able to (happiness) and I’m trying to love! To do this I had to understand what could increase my frequency. I have been exploring many ways, for a long time. There are lots of possibilities, starting from sound, colour and light therapy, through frequency-increasing “parties” organised by mentors, to the help of various angels… I’m convinced that those who BELIEVE in this, will eventually SUCCEED. I’ve always followed my own path and count myself lucky because I’ve always known instinctively what I needed to do in order to increase my frequency. The first and foremost important thing I figured out was that the power of my thoughts play a major part in this. Only I can increase my frequency best. In short: my happiness depends solely on me. Things that I enjoy and at the same time help me increase my frequency include: classical music. Helping others. Beauty and joy found in small, everyday things. Colours. Sunshine. Powerful music. Movies. Massages, taking a bath. Books, knowledge. Meditation. Inner peace. The complete list would be very long but I think you can grasp the essence: the most important component of increasing my frequency was LOVE! Love has a very high vibration level while that of fear is very low. If the spirit develops little and the frequency is low, life is ruled by fear and pain. One with an advanced mind has learned a lot, increased their frequency and vitality, energy little by little. They have learned how to respect others instead of blaming them, how to live harmoniously among others. As they possess a lot more validated knowledge, they not only understand the meaning of love, but also live their lives along its frequency, because it is clear to them that only through love can one become a transcendental being.

“Love is neutral, has no polarity, vibrates on a very high frequency, its energy has no mass, and on the spiritual and mental level of love, its existence depends on the will of the observer.”


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