The power of thoughts

A lot of books, movies, articles say that thoughts have a sort of power. Just like you used to send your wish list to Santa Claus as a child, you send out your thoughts to the world, and your wish will come true.

Naturally this explanation was not enough for me – although I tried the method and it worked – but as always I wanted to know its mechanism in depth. I always want to decipher what’s between the lines and understand the why behind things, because somehow knowing makes it more believable, more tangible to me. I found many explanations.

First of all: everything is made up of matter, and matter is made up of energy. Everything can be broken down into light and sound. The particles that build up the matter emit light and through their vibration they emit sound too. In conclusion: the human body is made up of vibration too. Your mood shows your level of vibration. The better you feel about yourself, the higher your level of vibration is. The higher your level of vibration is, the more energy you have. And there’s a lot you can accomplish with this energy. You can heal, send a message, ask for something from the universe, etc.

Okay, now we figured out the sending part. What about the how? (I have to apologise, if you find my writing style too plain, I’ve read a lot about quantum physics, astrophysics, but I wouldn’t say I’m an expert. I’m still just a single woman, who hasn’t even attended college. I don’t know about such things in depth, but maybe it’s better this way, because those similar to me can understand it more easily as well. Too many times authors of books and articles forget that common people are not studying or practicing quantum physics… :-D) So, we are all connected by an invisible web. Through this we communicate, attract, share things consciously or, most of the time, unconsciously. In my experience, the higher your vibration is, the easier it becomes to tie in with this web. That way communicating, sending messages becomes more powerful. Also practicing helps a lot. Of course not everybody can sense this web, many don’t care about it, many are not receptive to it, but most of the time the system works. This way you can encounter things that guide you toward a path that leads to the achievement of what you asked for. Or quite the other way around, you just have to sit around and wait, because your wish is already on the way of coming true. Internet is by the way a very good analogy for this web. Both work the same way. You can contact even Bill Gates trough social media or through his personal website, you can send a message to him. Directly to him. We are connected on an invisible, transcendent network too, where we can send messages and get answers as well, only not in the same manifestation as on the internet. Now it feels much less alien, or unbelievable, doesn’t it? If something like the internet can exist, why shouldn’t an astral-internet for our spirit exist too?

It’s important to add here, that the obstacles I’ve previously written about can cause problems here too. Basically they weaken the request, so if I think I don’t deserve what I’m asking for, or it’s impossible, then it will never come true. It will be easier to understand if I show you an example: I could ask to celebrate the next New Year’s Eve on Hawaii on a yacht. BUT! I KNOW that it’s impossible, because how the heck would I get there? I know there no one, how could I ever go there, or with whom would I go? And in any case, what good would it do me really? I am not that fancy-pants type of person, would I even feel good about the whole thing? Or would it be alienating for me? The latter is more probable. So I’ve realised that I do not actually want this, I have so many doubts, and the request would already be charged with anxiety. 😀 I believe these kind of requests are doomed. Even if you don’t think through the consequences, like I did in this example, you can rest assured that the universe (for the lack of a better word) knows exactly what you need, what is beneficial for you, and if your request isn’t to your benefit after all, then it will not come true. It will never happen.

By the way, it’s enough to think your wish, it’s not necessary to say it out loud. As this works on a higher level, it doesn’t matter if you say it out loud or just think it. Your thoughts have the power of creation. Just think of a situation when you don’t know what to cook for dinner and you remember that just today you heard a lady in the coffee shop at the next table talking about what she cooked the day before. Bam, there you have it. Or when you feel very sad and need something to cheer you up, and you just switch the channels on the tv aimlessly, when you chance upon a movie you really liked ages ago. It brings back childhood memories from when you watched it with your cousins and laughed so-so much at it. It feels easier to smile again. Or let me tell you what happened to me today. I was just thinking about calling my mom, but I was not sure whether she was at work or not, and thought maybe I’d call her later. In that moment she called me… I laughed so hard! 😀 Yes, a lot of things happen “by coincidence”… Or do they?

Are we the ones creating them? I have attracted a lot of things into my life. The biggest by far was when I went to Italy. It was a very old wish of mine, in high school I studied Italian and decided that before I die I have to visit Italy at least once! Since then this had been my most precious dream, but did I believe in it? No. I think it is very important to emphasise, because not so long ago I read on a site that it is important to believe in what you’re asking for. On a different site I read that when you ask for something, you have to imagine it, feel it as though you’ve already got it and you’re there, and then you should let the whole thing go, because that’s when you’re ready to receive it. I do not know what to think about these ideas. At the beginning of this blog I already stated that there’s a lot of rubbish on the internet, you have to sort out the valuable things and decide what works for you better. My aim by writing this isn’t to preach anything or convince you of something absolute, I just write about my experiences, beliefs, accomplishments. So, whatever works for you. The world, too, is changing all the time, you can’t squeeze everything into the same category. There were requests in which I believed, there were some which came only true after I let them go and there was Italy… in which I never believed. I couldn’t even imagine it, let alone feeling like I’m already there. I have never been there before, and although I tried to imagine countless times how great it would be, I could never picture how it really was like. I didn’t even purposely look at pictures of Italy, only what I came across in media by chance, but I was not very proactive about it. Even when a group of friends told me I could go with them, I still didn’t believe it. I didn’t have the money! I was starving myself for 3 weeks so I could scrape together 15.000 Ft’s to jump in. I could put in only so much, but it was enough. I’m very grateful for that. One moment I didn’t believe in it, the next I was there.

That was the first time I was certain that anything could happen. Anything I think I deserve or think to be necessary. It’s futile to ask that I win the lottery, because I don’t need it, so I’ll never win it. I could ask for a boyfriend, for my other half, but if I’m not ready for it, he will not enter my life just yet. Now I know that I’m not ready for that. Still, it’s true that thoughts have power and effect too. I don’t have to chase after things desperately, only notice the signs. Every thought in every moment has a creating quality. They fly out of my mind and reach a goal. This way they can also affect other people, who may react to them. Maybe this whole thing is done unconsciously, but every thought reaches its target. Good and bad also. We create through them.

I try to increase my vibration level higher so as to make this energy more powerful. Here comes the question: how do I increase my vibration level? Well, there are many things. Positive things.


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