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This is a sequel to my blog that I’ve been writing previously, and at the same time it is also a new beginning. In my previous blog I have shared some funny, frivolous, tiring stories about finding The One. Eventually this era of my life came to a closure with a revelation: no matter how much I would want to, I won’t be able to find my true love until I’m not able to find happiness in myself first. So I began to look for real, enduring happiness.



What is happiness?

Everybody has already asked themselves this question at least about hundred times. Yes, me too. But do we know the answer? Or do we only think we know? Happiness has a different meaning to everyone, but it is also the same for everybody… leastwise I think so. In the following I would like to unravel this train of thought. I, too, am looking for happiness, however the road that takes you there is on the one hand very difficult, but on the other hand provides you with such experience and knowledge that you have never even dreamed of. In these current times, many people have quite similar experiences as me. Many are awakening. About time too. In this blog I would like to talk about my progress of awakening, about my road to happiness. Not to show the way for others, nor to preach – I’m not a teacher, nor am I a prophet, nor a leader, and I’m not wise enough to teach others. In this blog I’d like to express my own opinion, my point of view, my experiences about the journey in pursuit of happiness. It isn’t my intention to make you agree with me – my goal is to better understand this road, and writing helps me to untangle the whole story. There will be a lot of quotes in my blog and I will analyse many things that I have heard or read, but I’ll always indicate it, if they don’t come from me. No, I don’t agree with everything. There is a lot of esoteric rubbish unfortunately, which is very difficult to sort out. People see, hear, read a lot of things that are not true, and they usually don’t believe what is real. Dear Reader! If you agree with the things I’ll be telling you, or even if you don’t, please feel free to write to me. Maybe we could even help each other out.

So, there is nothing left but to start my story. But where…?


Emese Halász, writer:

My website (in hungarian):

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